Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To Teach or Not to Teach

I have a question for the Pagan Community at large. I would like some input and feedback because I believe in the opinions of others who have had similar experiences. Who better then one to answer such a question, then one who has walked the path before me, to offer such advise. I have recently been approached by someone who would like me to mentor them in the hands on stuff of the Craft. They are not interested in group work right now but would like someone to guide them on the practical portion of the Craft. I do not have any lineage per se, but have been predominantly solitaire. I do experience is group work and circles. I have taught at an online Pagan campus as an instructor and offered community workshops and local events. I have about 14 years of experience on my own path. But does this qualify me to teach on a one to one basis? I am quite honored by the request but this sounds like the person is trying to do things 'traditionally'. Obviously I am going to be forthcoming and let her know I do not belong to any specific generational tradition, but I have a feeling that this may be okay with her. She is looking for someone to practice with and wants feedback if she is doing things right. Obviously, that is a personal thing and what feels right to one may not always feel right to another. So my question is this, would I be doing her a disservice because I have no lineage? I think this would be a great opportunity for me to offer some sort of service to the community at large and provide guidance. I know this would be a large commitment and I am considering it but to those who have provided instruction and guidance to other (who may or may not have lineage), what is your opinion on this? Do you think its possible and what ground work or conditions should be followed in such an endeavor if I choose to do this with her consent?

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  1. I would say talk to the individual about what they want to learn. Maybe they are looking for some solid ground to build their own stuff on.