Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beware of the Komodo Dragon ~ Dreamt 2004

I was naked, thin and pale standing in a basement of this abandon house, or so I thought. My first instinct was to look for clothing and especially shoes because of the debris I felt on the floor beneath my achy feet. I heard this voice inside my head say “beware of the Komodo Dragon”. Looking up towards the ceiling on the wall I could see this lump hidden behind the white paint crawling down towards me. You could not see the object other than this strange bulge on the wall itself. It was as if this object moved through a thin layer of white paper. It began to move at an angle and as it drew closer it entered this dark closet before me. I noticed some clothing hanging there and a few empty hangers. I tried to focus my eyes at the bottom of the closet to see where this object disappeared to. It magically appeared from behind this white sheet. It was magnificently orange gold and green, very lizard like with webbed feet. It had a stout hammer like head as well. Its eyes glowed like red rubies as it peered up at me. I then heard it hiss and the creature lunged at me and bit my shin. I fell to the floor messaging my legs and feet as the creature slid back into the wall with an eerie growling noise. I looked up towards the ceiling which was unusually high with platforms and rafters. Above the white walls you could see brick inlay and uncompleted carpentry work. You could also see many of these creatures scurrying about in the rafters staring back at me with those luminescent red eyes. Where the white walls met the rafters you could also see many bulges where these lizard like creatures crawled. For a moment I felt dizzy as I watched the wall dance by their slick movements. It as if I was entranced by a belly dancer who moved hypnotically behind a curtain or veil of white satin. Again, I heard the voice inside my head “beware of the Komodo Dragon”.

Naked and confused I stood up and began to remove the clothing form the closet. Systematically I began to dress as I inspected thoroughly each item of clothing. First I put on a pair of sleek black slacks, form fitting yet soft and comfortable. Then I put on this reddish brown sweater which was also form fitting and soft. The sleeves were long and covered a portion of my hand almost up to the base of my fingers. I then noticed a mirror on the door and I began to examine the outfit I wore. I felt confident, warm and comfortable. As I looked down at my bare feet I could remember wishing for shoes. I then noticed a pair of tan leather work boots sitting in the closet. I sat back on the floor to put the shoes on. I looked up at the creatures lurking about in the wall and on the rafters and I thought to myself if I put these on everything will be fine. Once I tied the last shoe and stood up firmly I felt sturdy, safe and confident again. I noticed a staircase from this strange basement and ascended them. I entered this kitchen where a family was gathered preparing a meal. I was asked to join them for supper. I accepted the invitation, ate cautiously, assisted with clean up, and then took my leave. I woke shortly after I heard the voice inside my head say “beware of the Komodo Dragon”!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Common Thread!

I borrowed this book from my friend by Grimassi called "Spirit of the Witch" and let me tell you one thing right off the bat in Chapter One, I was struck by a ton of bricks! Grimassi says this about different religions, traditions and denominations;

"The differences we find in rituals that exist in different cultures lie in the way things are done, and not the reason. The beliefs we find differ little as well, bearing different labels and descriptions for essentially the same tenets. Despite this, the need seems to exist among humans to not only create different religions but also different denominations within a specific religion. As a species we seem to expend a great deal of energy focused on what separates us from one another rather than what unites us".

The author further states that the issue is we are all attempting to reach the same spiritual goal(s) but it is a matter of looking at it from a different perspective or viewpoint, we may take a different path to get there but we are all trying to achieve pretty much the same thing! He tells this folk tale to illustrate his point which I will site here but am unsure of its author:

Many centuries ago their lived a women who was a great spiritual teacher. She drew many seekers of the teachings she revealed, and around her formed a group of devoted disciples. After many years of study her disciples left and journeyed to other lands, hoping to spread the teachings they have learned.

The years went by and one day the disciples returned and sought out their old teacher. Once the found her, the disciples posed a question to the master. "We have," their spokesperson remarked, "travelled to many lands, and discovered many different teachings that are unlike the ways you have taught us." The master calmly nodded in acknowledgment, and the disciple continued, "Therefore we are confused, so can you tell us what is the true religion?"

The master looked up with a patient smile and replied, "All of the religions in the world are like individual pearls. Each of them formed around a different grain of sand, in different waters, under different conditions." Then the master looked directly at the spokesperson and spoke softly saying, "But if you ask me which is the true pearl, I will tell you none of them are the one true pearl. Instead, the truth is the thread that runs through, holding them together as a necklace, and that is the one truth you seek!"

I thought this rather profound because it is another testament if you will that if we spend more time looking for a 'common thread' there would be a lot less strife in the world around us!

Blessed Be ~ Bia' Aletheia

*** Truth is in the thread that unites us!

Word count ~ lol just kidding!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Spence, you were a worthy opponent... but I have conceded. I think 46 consecutive posts is pretty good! I will not stop blogging! Thanks to Phoenix Projects for having this contest, and to all my competitors, thank you! I learned so much from you all, and I hope I was able to inspire or teach, even if it was just a little bit.

Word count... Oh, who cares anymore!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling A Little Better Today

Beside the fact that my Computer Laptop needs some technical support work and may have crashed I am feeling a little better today! I am luck to have a home base computer to so that’s why I can still blog or currently I would have been in big trouble. The anxiety is dull today and I had my confrontation at work yesterday it did not go as bad as I thought it might! First of all one of my bosses, not the head honcho, and more like the second in commend came to me and said not to worry … I guess he saw the anxiety on my face like my freckles and felt my rapid breathing. He ironically got me to calm down which was pretty unique in of itself because sometimes he too can be one of my triggers for the anxiety I have been experience at work! He had shared with me that he believed it was a misunderstanding and that the terminology my staff used in front of the new medical contract personnel was taken out of context and he would try to get to the bottom of this. We had sat down to talk to the staff involved who made the statement that caused the issue in the first place and this is what he said … but before I repeat this here let me tell that my spiritual warrior came out in full force shortly after and if I had a spear in my hand like Athena I would have smite him … yeah what he said pissed me off because the whole thing could have been avoided in the first place … so this is what my staff said …

“Oh that’s not what I said and what I said was taken out of context, and not to mention I was only joking … ‘cheese-n-rice’ from now on I will just keep my ‘family friendly’ mouth shut”!

My boss and I looked at him in amazement. A joke you say, a family friendly joke! A friggin frackin joke! If my nerves were shot you would have not known then I puffed up like a peacock and told him ‘you will give me a statement to that fact and you will need to watch what you tell people especially if you know it’s not true’! Meanwhile I was imagining smiting him with Athena’s spear! All that worry and all that stress and the sleepless night and the really bad anxiety attack because of a joke or taking what he said out of context! I was beside myself; I felt like I got ran over by a Mac Truck and drained of all my energy. Can you believe this? How can some folks be that stupid and that asinine that they can be so careless as to say things that they consider to be a joke when they know that some folks don’t take highly to certain jokes, and especially when your dealing with youth and other high liable stuff in a juvenile facility! What the Hades was he thinking? He knew I was pissed and kept away from me for the most part of the day … it was wise of him yes indeed very wise!

So I guess one could say I am feeling a little better today but am still upset how a few words said can cause so much trouble and anxiety … I need Karma to kick in now and do Her best!

Bia’ Aletheia

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anxeity Sucks ...

I sometimes get bad anxiety … and I really don't recall as a child having all that much anxiety. Is it possible that when one grows older it becomes more difficult to deal with certain stresses. I believe this to be true. Most of you who know me, already know that my job is pretty stressful. I have blogged a little about the personality types we have at work and some of the crazy stuff people say and do there that lately has gotten under my skin even though I try to to put my best game face on to overcome some of the difficulties I happen to come to. Things have been going pretty smooth at work and then … bang … an other untrue rumor surfaces … and all of sudden without asking the party involved if this is true, it is assumed to be true and then 'wham' implications are made that job losses could be involved. In todays economy it is not a good time to be without a job even though I am really starting to dislike mine! Well no thats not 100% true I love working with the troubled youth and making a difference in their lives but what I can no longer tolerate is folks telling untruths and starting gossip that can cost folks there livelihoods. If I was 15 yeas younger I would approach this person who may have started the rumor and tell them where to go and how to get there. I find myself not liking confrontation these days because it upsets me. Also if you don't know this about diabetics, which I am one emotions are running high all the time if you sugar glucose levels are off the charts. Combine these factors and I just want to plant my head in the ground like an Ostrich and let the world past me by sometimes. Last night and today is one of those days. I have not had a real bad anxiety attack in some times and between last night and today it feels like my heart is going to race out of the rib cage and I am having trouble catching my breath because I know that confrontation will be inevitable. I don't like it but it has to be addressed, this person is messing with my job and further more adding to the already hostile environment that many of us feel we work in. I hate the dread I feel because physically, emotionally I am a wreck. I will have to pull from my spiritual warrior to let this person know that you have to stop this crap now you are hurting people and why do you feel you need to do this? There are some folks that like misery and the person I need to speak to today is one of those who likes to stir the pot because he is so damned miserable. Why do miserable people have to make other folks feel miserable? I can't stand that if everyone tried a little happiness once in awhile what a world this could be? Anyhow the issue is my anxiety right now and I don't know if you folks have ever experienced the kind that makes you feel sick, to your stomach, trouble catching your breath and ache with tension. I do have medicine for these types of anxiety attacks but I do prefer a more holistic and natural approach of working through them. I am sometimes ashamed of the anxiety because it makes me feel like a coward and I am everything but a coward. This is not me when I was younger I could take on the world, or so I felt! How do you work though your anxiety? Some of the things I try to do are:

1.Listen to relaxing music
2.Do some deep breathing exercises
3.Meditation and Visualization
4.Hot bath or shower
5.Drink some herbal calming tea
6.Write about it and keep a journal (in this case I blogged about it)
7.Try to remain calm and avoid irrational thinking
8.Exercise or go for a nature walk
9.Escape by immersing yourself in a good book of movie flick
10.think positive and say some positive affirmations

Any other ideas, suggestions and recommendations from you all are welome!

Bia' Aletheia

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Trying to do Things for the Pagan Community

Okay I seem to be having some writer block issues today! Maybe I am in shock that Amanda conceded yesterday. Know that you are a worthy opponent and I look forward to doing this again sometime! Now Spence is going to be quite the challenge as far as I can already see … rain or shine, he seems to be able to write just about anything and from anywhere. I envy that! Just how in the heck did you manage to blog from the Midsummers event? You folks got skills! Well I guess from here I will talk about the amazing weekend I had and some of the interesting things we have done!

Well you all know about Wendy Rule and going to see her in concert at Witches Brew, and what a fantastic little place that was in Palm Harbor. I will definitely be going back. I got to also hear Hecate's Wheel and they were a great local group I might add! But what you may not know is the night after we hosted a GOSH (Gathering of Spring Hill) Coffee event on Saturday evening at Starbucks on Hwy Fifty (50) towards Brooksville. We had quite the turn out there was 10 of us. I know that might not seem like a lot to you Phoenix Council folks or the Pasco Pagans but there could have been a few more folks there as well but were out for the count due to illness and other important issues. We tried the coffee thing here locally once before one a month and Dunkin Donuts on US 19 and there were times there were only two folks who showed up. Spring Hill and Hernando county are a little backwards we can not even have our own occult and/or metaphysical store because of backward laws on divination and stuff. There is a lot of city ordinances and laws to fight! Anyhow, once upon a time an acquaintance of ours while trying to meet us at Dunkin Donuts a day too early had approached a group and asked them if they belonged to the Spring Hill Pagans group and the response he got was “We are a Christian Meeting Group” and then he got some pretty cold stares. Needless to say when I hear stories like this I get a little put off about meeting in public places … and I know I should not feel that way but I worry and I know a lot of my pagan friends do to!

Okay so on to this Saturdays Coffee meet there were ten of us and five new folks we have not met before and we are so glad that we did. First of all I need to say thank you to Dan who lives here in Spring Hill / Brooksville area and belongs to the Pasco Pagans as well. He met some folks at Wal-Mart and told them about our coffee meet up. He also gave me some sound advice at last Yule, he said keep the events going do not loose heart because eventually ...they will come! Sounds like a movie plot don't it, but in all actuality Dan is right consistency does pay off. As for the new folks who came they were so excited to be with like minded adults and to learn about our event it made me happy that we can do something like this for them in our very own community. So Dan thanks for the advice and it is a Blessing to be part of something that is important to the Pagan Community, and it is for this reason I will try not to worry to much about being in Public. Even though there was this one couple who could not help but stare at us this Saturday we did not let them dampen our spirit. We have just as much right as anyone else to be out there and drink coffee and socialize don't we? By the way Wind your musical chairs idea was great but darn it if we didn't end up sitting next to the same folks but only at the other end of the table! It was fun though! We will be looking forward to see you all next month at the Coffee Meet & Greet, Hernando County will just have to accept us thats all!

Wow I guess my block is not as bad as I thought I guess the trick is to start writing!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Solstice & The Sun God Lugh

Summer Solstice is almost upon us and I am sitting here trying to think of ways I can celebrate it and pay homage to the dying Sun Gods. As we all know this is the time where the longest day of the year produces the most light. The Sun Gods will return to the Earth to be reborn again at Yule and be childlike and grow with the changing seasons. Maybe one day I can be standing in the middle of Stonehenge too to celebrate the turning of the year on this special Sabbatt with my fellow brothers and sisters! This would be so great! I hope that all the folks at Midsummers enjoyed their celebration with the Night Among the Fey! This is the time of year to leave offerings for the Fey and ask for harmony and balance. Which is also something I intend to do! I do wish I could have joined them but I had too many things going on but perhaps next year!

Well I decided to do some research on the Sun god Lugh in Irish tradition and found out some very interesting things about Him. He is kind of the equivalent to Mercury in the Roman pantheon and Apollo in the Greek pantheon. Lugh was known as the God of skill and and the distribution of talent. Lugh was considered a warrior because of his skill on the battle grounds. What I also learned about this God is that his name stands for 'oath', and he resides over contract making. He would be a good God to call upon if you are doing any 'oath taking'. There is one famous story that involves him arriving in Tara at the the hall of the high kings of Ireland so that he may join in on the festivities. A guard at the gate tells him that only one person will be admitted with a particular skill -- one blacksmith, one wheelwright, one poet, one bard, one sorcerer , one hero and the list goes on. Lugh tells the guard of all the great things he can do, and each time the guard says, "I can't let you in here because we already have someone who can do that." Finally Lugh tells the guard , "Ah, but do you have someone here who can do them ALL at once"? The guard could not argue with this logic and granted him entrance to the hall!

Now traditionally speaking this God is celebrated at the time of the Harvest on August 1st since Lugh is honored with corn, grains, sheafs of wheat, bread, and other symbols of the harvest, but he has also been depicted in the Victorian Age as the God with Solar Energy. Most of his images depict him surrounded by Solar Light and one of his epitaphs in Irish Mythology in the known as the 'Shining One'! I think it would be equally appropriate to say a prayer to him during Summer Solstice and make an offering to him. He is also associated with the element Fire and since the Summer Solstice is about balance between Water and Fire again I think calling on him and paying your respects is appropriate.

Some suggestions for ritual if you are celebrating Summer Solstice and in honor of Lugh one could place upon their alter a stone representing fire and one water such as:

Sunstone for Fire (energy, health, willpower, sexual expression)
Blue Aventurine for Water (friendships, love, reason, communication)

Or choose a stone with other properties you would like to draw from. Don't forget to make a fairy offering and libations to the Gods you call upon! One could also inscribe the Rune Sigil for the sun upon a stone in honor of the Sun Gods!

Festivities to celebrate the Sun festival could include singing, dancing, archery, and poetry reading. One could watch the sun come up and merry make and eat a meal together with foods associated with the Sun. I hope everyone has a wonderful Summer Solstice!

Blessed Be ~ Bia' Aletheia

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wendy Rule ... Rules!

Yesterday some friends of mine and I went to a little place in Palm Harbor called the Witches Brew. A little unique spot right next to Oak Trail Books, which offer 'Metaphysical Books' and supplies. The book store has a really good supply of stones and crystals offered in both the rough and tumbled states. The bookstore is under the same ownership as the little cafe called the Witches Brew. This cafe not only has a unique menu with items like the 'Purple Witch' (Blueberry smoothy with Soymilk), a Green Goddess Salad, and Wraps and Sand Witches! They also offer some specialty Spirits of beer and wine like Wytchcraft Ale (this bottle is the equivalent of two beers in one and has witches embossed in the bottle), Hobgoblin Ale, Bloody Witch (a wine based Bloody Mary), and other neat wines like of yeah and very yummy Chocolate Raspberry Wine! Thats right folks they have a “CH' food category of Spirits just for me! The cafe also has all the modern conveniences as well as free INTERNET capability like Wi-Fi and have coffee too! The atmosphere is really cool too they have all kinds of withcy decorations and and the color is vibrant and the yellow brick road painted on the floor, a wall dedicated to the best witches on the movie and TV screen. The best part of this little cafe is they host events there and offer an array of entertainment. Besides their open Mic night and annual Witchstock they have concerts in the side yard and patio where you can chill and enjoy the tropical landscape and listen to the entertainment being offered to you!

Yesterday it was all about Wendy Rule and the reason for the tip but we had an extra surprise there as well. Hecate's Wheel was there opening for Wendy Rule a local pagan group and let me tell you they are good! The way they harmonized not only gave me goose bumps but they made me cry! I wish I have heard of them sooner! I believe in supporting local artists and entertainers. The singers of the group are Vicki, Amy and Luann and all have beautiful unique voices and together they sound that much more awesome! These Goddesses were super friendly and a joy to meet! Hecate's Wheel has gotten themselves a new fan! I am equally glad we went because I do intend to visit the Witches Brew again because this place was fun and a neat little gem! As for Wendy Rule let me say I think she RULES! I was fortunate to see her play at Samhain 2008 at FPG ands her haunting voice is mesmerizing. My friend SpiralLeaf got to see her for the first time and this was one of the biggest joys for me last night because she missed out on FPG. She misses out on a lot of stuff and she really deserves so much more. I was happy she got to come and even more happy that Wendy Rule seemed to be singing directly to her because she chose to sing most of SpiralLeaf's favorite songs. It was as if Wendy psychically knew what my friend needed to hear those songs (hey would one witch really know what another witch needs … I think the proof was in the pudding)! Wendy sang Shine, Deity, and Night Sea Journey. We were very fortunate to hear Shine because its a song Wendy admitted herself she doesn't play all that much in her concerts! Wendy sang her Horse song one of my favorites as well as her Hail to the Moon! We got to hear one of her new songs Radiant dedicated to her son Reuben, this brought a tear to my eye because you could feel the love she has for her son and it was a joy to hear and see this up close and personal! I was glad to also share this experience with some of my best Witches and buds and other folks whom I come to adore in our local communities. The concert was good witchy fun!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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Friday, June 12, 2009


Todays blog is going to be about anything and everything … randomness! I am terribly busy getting ready for a Wendy Rule concert tonight! By the way LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! She is awesome and her voice very haunting and well if you have not heard her sing you need to! She is a Pagan singer from 'down under'! Well as luck would have it or lack there of, my rear drivers' side tire needed plugging today. I have been putting air in it every two weeks because I could not find the leak, I put air in it three days ago and it needed air today. Since I am responsible of transporting myself and three friends to the concert I did not want to have unsafe driving conditions. Tire got plugged and good Ole Wally World, aka Wal-Mart for $ 24.59. Took almost an hour to do this! Then is was off to the Car Wash to wash and vacuum my dirty car. That cost five bucks and the vacuum free. I like free …. who does not like free! Man who knew how messy a car can get with dirt, hair, and other debris. But the job is done and my friends will be whisked away to see Wendy Rule in a clean mode of transportation. Thomas began his 'Morte De Fame' speech so I had to buy him a couple of Crispy Chicken sandwiches at Wendy's. Hey going to see Wendy … we ate at Wendy's how interesting is that! By the way the Morte De Fame is Italian for dying of hunger. Thomas and I are not dying of hunger thats for sure! But we got sandwiches anyway. Food cost ten bucks, so now I am out 40 bucks which dips into my Wendy Concert fund but hey I have to get there right? Tomorrow I will blog about the concert and post a picture if I can for the folks who could not make it! Okay Thomas is being too loud and laughing as he watches the Deadliest Warrior and my sandwiches are getting cold! I got to shower and make some phone calls to the friends for pick up times. We will be hitting a Pagan book store near the Witches Brew. I am so very excited! I hope those of you who at the Midsummers event are enjoying yourselves. I have to take Thomas to his medical appointment tomorrow on a Saturday go figure! Okay I now have 412 words plus and this blog was as random as it could get! Write for you all tomorrow!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pagans Who Give Pagans a Bad Name!

Maybe its just me, and just maybe I am being a little too judgmental, or way to critical here. I am not always like this because I try to strictly follow the tenant 'live and let live' but I would like just a moment to explain my disappointment with this one famous pagan who made a spectacle of herself while being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmell on his TV talk show. You see I like to follow up on 'Celebrity Pagans' who are out and about in the lime light and allow other folks to know little about their spiritual practices and beliefs (maybe because I wish I could be a little more open with my own spirituality). But these folks have a responsibility to to put information out there that don't offend some folks or at the very least make sure you do not provide more misinformation about certain practices. After all, us Pagans already have a tough time as it is trying to convince folks we are not CRACKPOTS, WEIRDOS, and/or just plain CRAZY! Well regrettably that is exactly what Heather Graham has done about the practice of Witchcraft, and needless to say if you take a moment to watch the attached excerpt of the TV clip you will see for yourself what exactly I am talking about. First of all I think one can tell she is very new at the Craft and even though there is nothing wrong with being new because we all have to start from some where, there is something wrong when you tell the TV host this about your spell casting and the use of the elements involved, EARTH, WIND, AIR and FIRE! Okay what happened to WATER? Okay her laugh really annoys me too. Ms. Graham tells Mr. Kimmell her group is called the Goddesses and there are six of them and one guy. Mr. Kimmell performs a spell on TV and gets a pizza to fall from the sky, well in this case the studio skylights! I guess after seeing this clip I felt like “what the Hades was she thinking”? She had this perfect opportunity to really educate some folks about the practice of Witchcraft and let folks know we are not 'stupid', crazy or certifiable! There are some folks who may fall into this category no matter what religion they practice but this interview left me worried about how some Pagans out there can really give other Pagans a bad name! I am fearful that other then this young lady being 'eye-candy' she sent a message out to the audience that Witchcraft is for the 'WACKY and the WEIRD” and it has nothing to really do with spirituality all together. She missed the boat and added to the misconceptions we already suffer as pagans. Watch the clip and tell me what you all think?

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taking a Break & Sharing Info

Before I get ready for work today I am taking a little break from blogging on the spiritual observance stuff and just working on updating my Blog Site. I have added some pictorial links for both the W.A.R.P podcast and a Pagan Blogger's Network I found and wish to be a part of. I want to tell the Phoenix Council Projects folks by the way that I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts, if I have not already done so! They are all very informative and I hope one day that I may be a guest on there too, that would be cool! You guys and gals rock and keep it up! I promise to keep listening too. You bring up issues that are very important for the Pagan community and its very much appreciated even for one such as myself who has to keep one foot in the broom closet 'sort of speak' because of the line of work I do. It was even mentioned in the podcast on 'Herding Cats' on group dynamics how one could participate more! I am one of those folks who can't be totally out there but your podcast has taught me a thing or to about being creative. For example you were all correct to say us pagans who worship Mother Earth need to do more for the planet to save this resource we have, so it made me think of ways I can help out to with cleaning projects for groups I belong to. It also made me think of things I can do personally to be more Eco-friendly minded! I wish I could have helped out more with your Midsummers event by I am only allowed so many days off a year and work part of the weekend. I do plan on making it to your Yule event! I get holidays off so this may be easier to take that time off! I need to find out who is in charge of setting up the workshops I may have some ideas for that or know some folks who may be able to do a workshop for you too. Perhaps Amanda you can e-mail me privately and let me know who the contact person is for that!

Okay let me talk a little about the Pagan Blogger's Network and the month of June being International Pagan Values Month. This is how I found out about the Pagan Blogger's Network and I thought it would be cool to tell you folks about it in the event you may be interested in joining. Here a couple of links for you:

They are trying to have pagans who write blogs linked to one other and I thought it would be cool to be a part of that and follow blogs form all over . You will notice a picture link on my blogroll site for it as well. So today for me was a little break but I achieved my goal of blogging 444 words, not including the links and wanted to information share!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tips for Daily Practice & Ritual IV

Now if you prefer to follow a more Celtic/Shaman tradition I do recommend you read anything by Francesca De Grandis. Her books are structured so you can self-imitate in a year and a day and each chapter can be a month's lessons. She has extensive advice which is really good on how to follow the Third Road in Fairy Tradition. I have two of her books called How To Be A Goddess and Goddess Initiation, which are both quite good in my opinion. I have used them myself. There is a lot of good information on how to heal yourself and empower yourself. Which I firmly believe Celtic ans well as Druid traditions are heavily involved in. These folks are all about the healing arts. But they are equally involved in other arts as well.

Here is a link you could follow to learn about her and the Third Road in case you may be interested!

Some of the ways to observe, perform ritual or practice daily to communicate with the Gods in this tradition or fashion are as follows (note ~ this can be applied to other traditions or pantheons as well):

1.Celebrate a special event like coming of age, growing old, handfasting, death, birth, and blessings as well as making seasonal offerings.

2. Become .familiar with the land you live on, its wildlife and natural seasonal cycles, and synchronize your seasonal festivals around the changes that happen on the land where you live.

3.Make rituals of everyday things, from purifications upon rising or before going to bed to daily renewal of food and drink offerings on our household or personal altars. Light candles in send blessings to the ill or those in need. Do healing, cleansing and protection rites.

4.Do some divination after an offering and use Oghams.

5.Look for omens and signs in sky and cloud watching or other things found in nature. Do some divination trance rites.

6.Learn some Gaelic. From my understanding Celts and Druids were very scholarly folks and through learning things they believed they were connecting with and speaking to the Gods. Study Celtic Lore, Druid Lore and history.

7.Read or write some poetry, sing a song, tell tall bardic tales. You know I was fortunate once to attend a Yule event last year at Gwyn's home off of 41 and in circle tales were told. I believe they call their homestead Dryad's Grove and let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful experiences I had in circle. Even Amanda's son did a great job in telling a tale. I got a past life transgression read to which I thoroughly enjoyed. But the tale telling is actually something deeply rooted in this tradition and well I love a good story and this tradition is a practice that needs to continue because not only is it beautiful to hear this folklore but it helps you astral and relive times past, it is very mystical to me.

8.Offer libations and offerings to land spirits and on personal alters. Use biodegradable items and Eco friendly. Love the earth. Offerings are an important part of this tradition as others and can be done daily to connect with your Deities.

9.From listening to Gaelyn's podcast on Herding Cats I agree us pagans need to adopt an area to help keep this planet clean. We owe this to Mother Earth ...and it is the least we can do after we reap the benefits from her daily.

10.Since I mentioned before that this tradition is all about the healing arts study more about plant life and healing herbs. Turn you kitchen into a sanctuary and a place to store herbs, slaves, ointments and brews. I really do believe 'kitchen witchery' derived from Celtic and other Pagan traditions. And in the same vein learn how to cook special meals for gatherings. Look for old recipes that were used with special herbs.

11.These folks were also very physical and they loved to practice fighting forms, using the bow and arrow and dueling their blades. They were warriors in practice and lives their lives like a warrior, hence if you noticed the title of my Blog “Musings of a Priestess Warrior” I adopted that from the Celtic Tradition I first walked upon!

Here is a good link to follow should you desire information on Celtic Reconstruction:

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia
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PS. I think I will leave this thread/topic and begin something new tomorrow!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tips for Daily Practice & Ritual III

Okay I think I pretty much covered a lot for Greek Pantheons and barely scratched the surface on Celtic or Shamanic traditions. But when you think about these tips and ideas can be adopted by most any spiritual tradition. I think I will revisit the Ancient Greek Calendar again each month as it comes because it is informative and it helps me to remember the Holy Days I would like to privately observe.

One of the things I have done in the past to try and communicate with a higher being and be more spiritual was to is use and meditate over a Medicine Wheel (Native American Indian or Shamanic Tradition). This involves the use of several stones that you collect and feel good vibrations from. It is an ancient way to create sacred space. Each direction uses stones to represent animals to connect with and manifest Earth energies. For example one could place a stone that represents the Owl and manifest change. Now the interesting part is your Medicine Wheel can be as small as your hand or large as your backyard. I myself have a small mini Medicine Wheel that I can travel with (LOL! like my travel Athame ~ sorry private joke that a few people may get that I may share with you all one day).

But without spending all day Medicine Wheels Here are two links to follow should you want to develop your won. These links will give you more detail on the practice and use of Medicine Wheels.

My personal Medicine Wheel is made up of 9 stones most use up to 36 stones. It really depends on what you like to incorporate in your Medicine Wheel. You should know that each direction of the Medicine Wheel is not all that dissimilar to a 'cast circle'. Each direction represents elements and certain energies even though they may not align with some of the elements we following specific directions in does represent elements none-the-less. For example North is Air in this tradition and represents the gateway to the mind, East is Fire and is the gateway to spirit. South is Water and represent the gateway to emotion. West is Earth and represents the gateway to the body. There are lot more representations as well in each direction but I will let you read up on them if you so choose.

There are many other things you can do under Native American Indian Traditions. You could do some of the following:

1.Meditate over animal spirits, to include communication to Animal Totems, do Animal shadow Dances, mimic animal movements and shape shift. This is neat because certain animals a sacred to specific Gods and Goddesses.

2.Take a nature walk to communicate with plant life, vegetation the trees, Native American Indians believe the creator exists in all living things and that all things give off energy. Celtic tradition also believes this. Speak and communicate with Nature Spirits. Animal gaze or watch.

3.Learn about healing with plants

4.Collect and talk to stones.

5.Communicate and listen to the Four Winds

6.Attend a Native American Indian Pow Wow and/or listen to Flute Music with Drumming and Chanting and meditate.

Okay I covered some practices that fall under a Shamanism or Native Indian Traditions and I know there is a whole lot more out there but these I have mentioned above are some of the things I try to incorporate in my spiritual observances. No I don't do each day but I do these things from time to time and especially when I need an energy boost. Dancing an animal is really good when you need to bring to you specific energies and characteristics. It is very good sympathetic magick!

Bia' Aletheia

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tips for Daily Practice & Ritual II

To answer Thy Druid's question let me say before I begin to provide more ideas and tips to use for daily practice … LOL … is I don't do these all personally nor do I do each tip I offered everyday. I do a few of these for the most part when I can like the morning and evening prayer with the lighting of incense as an offering with a small amount of meditation. It is really hard for me to meditate I have a hard time to be still or quiet. I find that group meditation works best for me so I am still learning how to meditate alone! What I would like to do is change things up and follow a Ancient Greek/Athenian Calendar in pray to different deities and make offerings to different deities on specific days of the month. If you try to follow a Hellenic/Greek Ancient Pagan Ca lander for example you try to show your respects to different Gods/Goddesses on specific days and take into consideration lunar cycles as well. Now one does not have to be that technical unless you want to be a 'recon' (Reconstructionist) and there is nothing wrong with that but I personally don't want to be so regimented that I can't enjoy myself or celebrating my spirituality.

But to provide you with an example of what I mean lets take this month which is June, also known as Hekatombaion (an epithet of Apollon, alluding to his role as accepter of sacrifices). tTo me this fits because it marks the time of Midsummer and the Sun God shines at its fullest here and enters the stage of death and rebirth. The Ancient Greek/Athenian Calender begins in the middle of the month, or rather the time when the new moon surfaces, in this case June 24th hs to July 22nd. So this month the new moon is scheduled for the 23/24 these days you would pay homage to the Greek Goddess Selene and make offerings to her. And over the next few days are sacred to other Gods/Goddesses. To continue with June I will illustrate further here:

June 24/25 = Agothas Daimon (your favorite spirit personifications you choose, in Ancient Greece these were house spirits and Gods, Hestia and Zeus would qualify here too!) New Moon

June 25/256= Athena

June 26/27 = Aphrodite, Heracles, Hermes and Eros

June 28/29 = Artemis

June 29/30 = Apollo

June 30/ July 1 = Poseidon & Theseus

Other ancient festivals celebrated .. this ancient month would be:

June 26-27: Aphrodisia -- The bathing festival of Aphrodite and Peitho (Persuasion). First the temple was purified with dove's blood, then the altars were anointed. Finally the two statues were carried in a procession to the washing place.

July 4-5: Kronia -- A festival in honor of Kronos as a god of the harvest, portrayed with a reaping scythe. A huge harvest feast was held, where slaves were invited to dine with their masters. A sacrifice was also made to Artemis on this day in the deme of Erchia.

July 8-9: Synoikia -- A celebration of the Synoecism, the combining of Attika into one community. Every other year, it was celebrated for two days instead of one. On the second day, a sacrifice was made to Zeus Phratrios, god of the tribal brotherhoods (like clans). A sacrifice was also made to Athene in a formal manner. Eirene, goddess of peace, was also worshipped on this day.

July 20-21: Panathenaia -- The celebration of Athene's birthday, when gods and mortals feasted together. A vigil was held the night before the Panathenaic procession. At sunrise a sacrifice was made to Eros and Athene at the altar of Eros in the Academy, then a torch race brought the sacred fire to the altar of Athene. Every fourth year, the Greater Panathenaia was held, when a new robe was given to the goddess. A huge procession brought the robe to her statue in her temple, where it was placed on Athene's knees, and later stored in the treasury; she was officially re-robed during the Plunteria. Sacrifices were also made to Athene Hugieia (Health) and Nike. The three or four days following the procession featured contests of sport and art.

I also do something special during the Dark Moon also known as the period of the New Moon each month for Hekate since she is one of my patron Goddesses.

Now this is pretty specific and each Ancient Greek Athenian Month has different festivals to celebrate.

No I didn't really cover tips for daily practice other then what can be down on specific days of the month. I will continue this stream thought later since I need to be getting ready for work, but I could address offerings too that would be pleasing for each Greek God/Goddess as well. I hope this helps anyone who may be interested in Greek Pantheons.

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tips for Daily Practice and Ritual

Okay so I have basically decided to write about things I should do on a daily basis to communicate with my Gods. Now this can also be done weekly, monthly or on those special Pagan Holidays, with a group or alone. It can be elaborate or very simple. You can add to them or take away. You can meld these ideas into your own pantheons and daily practices. But the idea here is to create a list of neat ideas that can be used for private practice and to help promote that consistent daily practice (which has already been established that I need). Some tips I have used already, some ideas I plan to use, some ideas will require ritual space, a shrine, or nothing but a little of imagination and fore thought! Rituals involve three basic elements and they are: When - At what time are you going to do the activity?, and Where - Where are you going to do it? And finally How - In what manner, in what order, and using what? Feel free to share with me any of the kind of things you do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that you do to communicate with your Gods! Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic all together. So lets begin! Oh before I do again, this is my disclaimer ... you will see many of my practices fall under a Greek Pagan Pantheon and some are actually ancient Greek traditions I researched and tweaked for modern times. You will also see a few things that can fall under a Celtic and Shaman (Native American Pantheon) since I have walked these roads as well.

1.Say a morning prayer to your Gods as you greet the day (I try to do one for Hekate but I need to do one for Hermes too)
2.Ring a bell three times (Trinity Symbols Sacred to Hekate) I keep one on my night stand.
3.With your morning coffee light an incense and meditate, save some coffee for libation share with your Gods, always.
4.Give First Fruits at every meal, this means you give some of you daily food and first to your Gods that you prepare ~ always a good idea to share with Hestia or whatever God/Goddess you desire that is responsible for giving you Fire
5.When you see the sun at first blow it a kiss (a Greek Tradition)
6.Get up early enough to watch the sun rise and say a prayer to Apollo and thank him for the light
7.Do a besom sweep of your home to let out negative energies that may have accumulated
8.If you shower in the morning light a candle in honor of Hygieia's and/or Aphrodite's so they may help you with cleansing and beatification power
9.Draw a daily Tarot and meditate on its God/Goddess imagery
10.Leave some food in a bowl outside for spirit guides and spirit travelers
11.Libate some Red Bull because it has wings and will fly up to the heavens (do this for Hermes).
12.Leave some food out on a stone pile (called Hermia in Greek tradition in honor of Hermes).
13.Libate some Olive Oil on an outside alter or one stone pointing towards the heavens for Zeus to ask for heart and home protection.
14.Sit by a tree and lean into it while listening for the winds … try to speak to the wind (Native American)
15.Hug a tree
16.Leave a fairy offering by a tree
17.Coins are sacred to Hermes and so start a Hermes jar and give him some coins on a daily basis or whatever Gods have been linked to coins. After a year buy something spiritual with the money like a statue or some other representation of your God/Goddess.
18.Start a wishing well and place it on your alter and write a daily affirmation or wish and place it in the box make some sort of offering
19.At a crossroad leave some sort of offering food, plant. wine, coins.
20.Say and evening prayer to your Gods (I try to do one for Hekate)
21.Meditate with your favorite stone or crystal energies.
22.Moon gaze and concentrate on the Gods and Goddess that correspond with each moon phase.

Okay here are twenty tips and I already have 724 words … I will continue more tips tomorrow because I have only scratched the surface on some of the Ancient practices that I tweaked and would like to share a bit more on this topic. Meanwhile feel free to share your own tips too! Perhaps this can be a blog challenge! What kind of rituals or daily practices do you use?

Bia' Aletheia

Friday, June 5, 2009

So How Do I Speak to My Gods ... How Do They Speak To Me?

It is obvious then that I need to make more of an effort to be CONSISTENT in what I do, and more CONSISTENT in what I say I will do! I need to follow through with my intentions and do more for my Gods. It really has a lot to do with the 'stick-to-it-idess” I had talked about in an other blog. Or else how can I even call upon them when I am in need. Its not fair of me to ask when I have neglected them or myself. I once read somewhere that it is vital to take time for yourself, because we are divine and in that breath we celebrate the divine by taking self-care. With the all the other demands we have in our mundane life we often do neglect ourselves and often forget our about communicating with our Gods in the manner that we should.

So I wanted to share with you ways in which I do try to communicate with my Gods. But here lately it has been my Gods trying to communicate with me and I will start with how they have been subtly telling me 'HEY DO YOU SEE ME … WELL YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AND PAY MORE ATTENTION TO ME. I AM …RATHER ... WE ARE RIGHT HERE”!

For example yesterday Hermes about caused a three car pile up on County Line Road while I was heading to work. Shortly after my blog on CONSISTENENCY and on my way to work there was this tiny turtle (sacred to Hermes) crossing the road, and the three cars speeding down the highway West towards US 19 almost wrecked pulling over and skidding into the ditch just to avoid hitting the little guy. I was chuckling even though the incident could have been much worst and knowing Hermes to be the trickster and cunning it was most definitely his way in say “Yo Bia' Aletheia you can't ignore me no matter how 'little' you have been paying attention to me lately! He is right I have been neglecting him and that needs to stop and the 'almost' three car pile up was a definite form of communication. Zeus has been making his presence known to me that's for sure these daily thunder and lightning showers are most apparent but I really aught to thank Him more properly because we needed that water and rain! I know for a fact that Hekate is very sore with me in fact it would be safe to say she is pissed. I used to do these daily devotionals to her when I woke up and before I fell a sleep. She has stopped communication there and I can tell so I need to get back to the grind and pay her back 'BIG TIME'. I owe her that much if not more. She still vaguely sends out messages in 'threes' to remind me of her Trinity but they seem to be more of a warning not just a reminder to be careful! As you all know, and from a previous blog of mine Hera had blessed my sister and her twin boy (my nephews) with guardian Peacocks. She answered my prayers so I must also pay homage to HER lest She forget me and my request! Poseidon also need s a little offering and communication from me … I don't go visit the beach or a large body of water as often as I should and its sad really because I live right here in Florida! What the Hades is that all about? I love the water I use to love swimming as my favorite summer fun activity and relax time... I would love to go down the river on a raft or go tuubing as I did as kid and fantasize about the magickal woodland nymphs, fairies and mystical water creatures I see before me! I would listen to wind and look back at the rays of Apollo trickle down between the leaves of the trees making the light dance on my face! Ah to be free and wild like the GODS themselves. I need to get back to that childlike joy!

So having said all that how do I communicate with my Gods … I believe I communicate to them all the time but not in the proper format They so deserve! I do believe they speak to me through my dreams and by showing me things daily that are sacred to Them. For example also on the drive home I see at least a dozen or more dear (sacred to Artemis) eating grass on the side of the road. There are many other ways They reveal themselves but may go unnoticed! Don't get me wrong though I do make offerings and make libations some of the time, but is it consistent as it should be … to be honest no! I do some things right but for the most part I need to remember the true meaning and importance of observing a daily practice or conducting a daily ritual … it keeps us humble. It teaches us discipline and further more it keeps us connected to our sacred -divine-selves as well as our Divinities, Gods and Spirit Guides! I need to develop a plan I can stick to that not only makes me proud to say 'I not only talk the talk but I am walking the walk'! I want my Gods to know me as They have shared Themselves with me!

Blessed Be

Bia' Aletheia

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Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have a problem with consistency. I think most people do. I get all wound up about something, the newest epiphany, the latest craze, and I start all in. Whether it is about something mundane, (I’m going to make sure to keep up with my organization!) or religious, (I’m going to perform daily devotional day and night everyday!) I start something but somehow, life gets in the way and it seems like I’m never able to truly carry it out, even with the best of intentions. Then I feel guilty, make resolutions and the cycle starts again.
What is it that keeps getting in my way? My crazed schedule. Between a very physically, emotionally and mentally draining job, my situation with Thomas, helping with my family and barely trying to keep afloat financially, I feel that I barely have time to breathe let alone add another demand to my life.
But what in life is truly important? Obviously everything on the list is to some degree, I need a job for income to keep a roof over my head, I need to be there for my family, I need to be there for my Gods, but what comes first? My Gods – and that seems to be the place where my consistency is lacking. I guess because we have to answer immediately for everything else - my boss, my family, my landlord- but do we have to answer to Our Gods in the same way? Are they in front of us, or on the phone, demanding the rent check, or asking for family time? No, they are usually subtle in their demands, never appearing in front of us saying, “You know you’ve been slacking… I’d like some libations, and you better make them GOOD!” but being Pagans, we know when our Gods would like a little attention.
But why is the one thing that I should be consistent in is something I have difficulty with? I think it has to do with the fact that religion is so personal, it is part of the essence of you, and what is the last thing I focus on? Myself. I’m so wrapped up in the demands of other people, and putting them first, that I miss out on a truly deep connection to my Gods because devotional time is essentially “me” time to everybody else in my life. Zoe said in one of her blogs that she was told her patron didn’t know who she was, and I’m feeling that same way. Will they remember me when I call on them? Will they turn away from me?
It’s time to put priorities in order – It’s time to take care of myself, and nurture that which makes me comforted and nourished, which is my time with my Gods.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cernunnos ~ the Horned One

What I about to share is deeply personal but I feel compelled to share with you here because it helps me internalize the issues I need to deal with . I welcome any advise and feedback you may have on the subject. I know many of you have a partner who is disabled and has medical or mental health issues that you have somehow come to terms with, or have found a way to overcome … or at the very least deal with it. I guess you could say I am seeking advice on what kind of things I can do to cope or keep the faith to survive this problem.

Last night I got real upset and angry with the boyfriend and I was so angry that I thought I would never be able to sleep because of how upset I got. I hate it when we argue but sometimes I get so frustrated with the really off the wall things he does(as I perceive it anyway). I know there is mental health illness involved and that sometimes he can't comprehend or even understand that my anger is misplaced care and worry for his health and well being. I tell him so and often! He sees it as an issue of me wanting total control and I see it as an issue of wanting to 'protect him' and the fear of him getting hurt, used or abused. I have been with him now for almost 14 years on and off, but more on then off. He always seems to make the wrong kind of friends, ones who use him, ones who possess criminal mind sets, one that look at what they can get out of people, or how they can con folks. Because he is so desperate for friends or the need to feel a part of something, or a desire of belonging he tends to do things to please folks whose intentions are not good at all (part of the illness). In fact some of his associations in the past have gotten him in legal trouble. Its rather sad really and I feel really bad for him and I despise those folks who hurt him and use him like that, because they don't see the part of him that I do. He is funny, smart, and a good friend. Even though I feel in a position to take care of him he has taken care of me too in the ways he can. Despite the fact there are two “LEOS' under one roof and we argue for argument sake we do love each other and Thomas is a person worth knowing … I just wish he could see that in himself, for if he did, I just know he would start making better choices for himself and I wouldn't feel compelled to micromanage his life! I am not trying to take away his independence as he sees it but he needs my help and he knows it he told me today he was sorry and realizes that he does need my help and he should take my advice more often. But there is that mental health illness that needs immediate attention and we are working on it (he saw a Mental Health Therapist today by the way ~ so one session has shed some light I guess). But I still believe the mental health issues coupled with his medical issues has clouded his judgment a great deal. He is severely depressed and it worries me. Me getting angry with him I am sure does not help the situation at all and I really need to work on that … and I WILL! What you don't know is Thomas use to get a disability check once upon a time and I use to be his payee, person responsible for managing the monies because he really can't folks would visit him on check day and disappear the next and not hang with him until check day. He lost his disability by default and not enough thorough research on the governments part but we think they may be trying to rectify that now after 10 years. Hopefully after his medical assessments we will be able to get him the help he needs. He has major back issues too and I fear its too late to repair the damage he has now is permanent. He needed surgery years ago but did not have the health insurance anymore. Maybe the Gods will bless us with some light at the end of this dark tunnel. I have been the predominant bread winner and the only income earner for years and this can be financially daunting too at times. It has been tight. And much of my stress has been financial … it sucks when you have to worry about things like: will rent get paid this month, should I cancel one of the phones, or cut back on this … and pray the car wont' break down! I believe Thomas' off the wall act was not the only reason I got angry, its expected with the illness. I got angry because he was right I do need to let go a little and not worry so much about him. I need to heed the words 'live and let live' I should not de-mascualte him. If I dislike being the stronger person and always in charge ...why do I do it? He needs to feel more like my equal then I allow him to. Thomas has matured somewhat from his younger years … I have trust issues and rightly so! But its not fair to him to be punished all the time for past events. I need to stop this too! I need to move on. I just need to know how?

I do believe last night I got part of my answer. I got a message last night from an old friend and a Celtic God last night that I have not spoken to in a long time (have switched to a Greek Pantheon) when I finally did fall asleep . When my eyes closed I saw Cernunnos ~ the Horned God stand before me with his stag horned head and his green sculpted body. He held a staff in his hand and pointed to the woodland and the wild life there within. He to me has always represented 'new birth'. It is said that Cernunnos is able to influence the winds and rains that refresh and water the wood and field, valley and hearth, keeping them verdant and life-engendered. He is the Lord of abundance and virility. I think he was telling me not to worry and that things will improve. I guess that was my question before I fell asleep … tell me this will pass and will WE see better times and less hardships? i beleive we will ... I hope e will! Interesting to note as well, is that Summer Solstice is upon us, and in Celtic tradition Cernunnos dies as the Sacred King to bring fertility to the land! I do believe His presence in my dream is rather significant and beyond coincidence. One of his many shape-shifting capabilities of His, is the STAG (deer) who also speak to me as a Totem Animal, which also is shared in the Greek Pantheon by Artemis, another of my patron deities. I see thier representations all the time! However my dream spoke to me in Celtic if that makes any kind of sense and I appreciate its message and hope this is what it meant!

Bia' Aletheia

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Decisions & Actions

“It is our choices … that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”.
~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, 1999

Today I figured I would examine some more famous quote that strikes a chord with me again, and see how it applies to my life. I wanted to stray away from the Mob Wars, Vampire Wars and the Pirate escapades for a moment on Facebook Land and take a closer look at myself and on a deeper level. I realize its time to be more critical and more serious and quit looking for escapism all the time and actually deal with the things I myself need to deal with. I can't depend on Thomas to fix everything, because Gods know that if I wait it won't get done! When I read Gaelyn's Blog a few days ago you can say that I was in a bit of shock of how refreshingly honest he was with himself. It made me realize one should be honest with oneself often and and its time to 'decide' to take more responsibility for one's life and and hold oneself more accountable for the choices they make and the actions or inactions we take. Instead of complaining about my personal problems and the situations I often find myself in I need to 'do' something about it, and its not enough to just say I will … but do...! Also, once I do make the decisions to make things better more myself, that I stick to my decision and take action. I think part of my own personal problem is that it can be easy to make all kinds of decisions but to follow through or develop the 'stick-to-it-idess' is an other issue all together. I need to get off of my lazy fanny and do it. The house wont' get clean and my stuff get organized, Hades my life will not get better if I make the decision to do nothing! That would be and is a terrible decision. I guess I need to take heed of the dream I had a few weeks ago and quit being a mere spectator in my life!

“We have to many high sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them”.
Abigail Adams (1744-1818) letter to John Adams, 1774

It's fine to say you will do something but to say it an not follow through with what we had said we will do ... is a lie! We end up lying to ourselves when we make up an excuse for not getting it done, sure there are some things that need to be put off fore more pending situations but why say we are going to do it when we don't? Why do we do it? Its 'denial' and even though we may intend to follow through, and I am speaking for myself here when I say this, is I tend to make up all kinds of excuses for myself ... saying tomorrow is another day and then tomorrow comes and I find more excuses and say again, tomorrow, and then tomorrow ... but what if tomorrow doesn't come? What then? Think of the time I have wasted making these empty promises to myself and I still see a pile of things that need my immediate attention before me and I keep putting it off! This is where I need to take a good hard look at myself and say I can no longer sit idley by and do nothing while telling myself more lies. Its time that my actions match my words! Its time to do what I say I will do!

Bia' Aletheia

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Monday, June 1, 2009

I am a Noble Vampire & a Pirate too!

After getting some much needed rest … in other words going to bed around two AM and taking a nap between 12pm to 6 pm for staying up all night the day prior. I feel somewhat normal again, and not as shaky. The Facebook has me in a tiff today because its slow and it freezes up. Do you have the same problem? Okay … another blog on the Facebook … sorry I am like a kid in the candy store and when I find something that peaks my interest I stick with it for a few days. I think though in the same vein you will laugh because I am moving on from Mob Wars … I got invited yesterday to Vampire Wars … very Gothic and really cool. If I am not mistaken I have some folks I know around here in my clan as well! I like that you can dress up your avatar too. Its like playing barbies but for grown ups! LOL! Anyways Lady Bam Bam has converted to barbarism and is know a Noble Vampire by the name of Evee Frost … she was born into one of the oldest vampire clans in the world .. and she is out for blood … hehehe!

Darned Facebook is freezing again … dislike that. I need to get ready for work soon and I have to look at my Avatar or go fight some other Vampire before I go. So this Vampire Wars is very much like Mob Wars … and I know you have already been told that but instead of gaining property and assets you get Minions (folks considered your property who help you gain an income of blood) and special abilities (instead of weapons but considered your weapons like: mind control, animalistic abilities, superhuman strength, etc).

Oh no ... just joined pirate wars too what is it about these role playing games that we tend to like so much? I think I know it is called escapism, it temporarily allow us to get away from reality and live out these exotic fantasies that we wish we had. Its fun and addictive! Well look up Danu O'Malley, descendant of the famous Irish Pirate Grace O'Malley. if you can she is out to plunder to buy herself a cat! I got my boat a couple of twin daggers and a stick with a nail in it some sort of club thingy! Okay I have noticed my blogs are shorter I do intend to write a more meaningful one later but know I really need to get ready for work!

Bia' Aletheia

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mob Wars … I am Addicted!

Okay … I am not the type of person who has addictive behaviors, well except for errr well lets say food, and not the good kind either. Yes I am a big time junk food eater and I eat anything with the “ch” sound in it, like cheese burger, macaroni and cheese, cheese cake, cheese puff, fried chicken, chips, cherries, Chinese food and the big one CHOCALTE! But this Mob Wars on face book has me in a tiff … I have one kill, have been killed 8 times, won 70 or so fights but lost 54 and now I am selling off my property to pay the doctor to improve my health so I can fight to get more money. I am literally clock watching and waiting for the clock to roll over 4 minutes to get that one stamina point. I am currently on level 3 put have 0 point and 100 experience points to make it to the next level. I am literally waiting and praying to the Gods for letting me get a hit on the hitlist! Who knew this would be that addictive? Well you would think my fingers would get a rest after trying to type and/or texting my last blog on my friends blackberry but this is insane! Well thanks to the energy of liqiud crack aka COFFEE … I have been up all night trying to get that big win from fighting with other mobsters! Interesting enough I was never a gamer myself accept for role playing and a little CoC with former friend. I would go to bed but now its 7:55 am and I say whats the point I will have to take the boyfriend to do a small job this morning and he will be waking up in the next 40 minutes or so and if I sleep now I will never wake up. Darn it if I had to wake up at 2:11 pm yesterday and drink all that ice coffee … errr liqiud crack! So are any of you a big fan of Mob Wars? Have you tried to play or join a buddy's mob? Well I recommend you don't and for an insomniac like me with too much c affine this is a most deadly combination! So I thought I do my blog now in the wee bit of the morning because I am sure after I take my guy to do his job he will want Chinese food as he has been hinting and well its “ch” sounding so I wont put up much of a fuss and will break down and go. With no sleep and coming down off of caffeine and give me some Chinese food after being in the warm climate I am sure I will crash and burn after lunch. I doubt I will play Mob Wars after that for the remainder of the day! Because I will be sleeping and Lady Bam Bam will have time to reserve more points without me feverishly depleting them!

Good Morning Everyone!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Day

It all began when I woke up at 2:11 this afternoon. Thomas jumped in the bed and asked if I was dead.Realizing I was not but feeling like I should have been, I crawled out of bed.I went to the restroom, rubbed my eyes and walked into the living room and sat down at my laptop, and then checked my email.With fereverent anticipation I checked my facebook page and accepted an invite to my brother's mob... Mob Wars that is. I created my mobster, her name is Lady Bam Bam - please don't put a hit out on me! Then I decided to invite the boyfriend into the mob, so now we are three. Me, Shooter 352, and Sweets Alucard. The boyfriend tore me away from the computer long enough to eat a decent meal with way too many vegetables. Okra, corn and green beans- yeah really! Then off to pick up my friend from work to go to Starbucks and drink some liqiud crack, then going to Books a Million. Then leaving the bookstore to go to Dunkin Donuts for more liqiud crack, but stopping to blog from my friends Blackberry. Isn't technology wonderful! Are you kidding me? Only 200 Words? My thumbs are tired! There are free doughnuts at Dunkin since the Devil Rays won! Awesome. I may get the frosted donut. Yes, frosted it is. And more coffee! My stomach is killing me! Maybe it's all the coffee... Nah couldn't be. It must be something else. I wonder how many words this is. Do you know how hard it is to count words on a Blackberry! It's crazy. This is killing my poor thumbs! Speaking of Mob Wars, you should not bring a crobar to a gun fight. It will not end well for you at all. Who is going to the Wendy Rule concert on June 12 in Palm Harbor? Hekate's Wheel will be there as well! 292 oh man! I have to say that this is the hardest blog yet. I have to say I am not loving the weather. I love the cooler weather, it must be because I'm Canadian. Just a few more words. Like Dorrie from Finding Nemo - Just keep typing, just keep typing... I think that there is some crappy books at Books a Million. There is a dearth of awesome books on Paganism at the New Port Richey Books a Million. That,s a good word - dearth. 377! I,m almost there. Just 20 words to go and 40 minutes so I,m going to make it! I think I should get some sort of honorable mention for text blogging! Yes! I,ve done it! My poor thumbs! I need ice!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Facebook ... it Connects You!

Well I want to say a few things about Facebook … at first I did not think I was going to like it, but I am liking it more and more! In fact I was thinking oh no not an other social network I can't remember my darn pass word too but as it turns it its been pretty cool and surprisingly neat! As it it turns out, you get to speak with folks all grown up now who you have hung out with as a teen, but are actually out there looking for you and wanting to know what you have been doing with your life. Its cool to take a glimpse into their lives, see their likes, dislikes, their hobbies they are into, and the children they have of their own. Its even cooler to see the friends they keep and you may find someone there you too have known and may wish to connect with! Whats really cool is that now, my 86 year old grandmother has her own Facebook profile and account! She is an internet fool! Her picture is a black and white, when she was about 22 and how wonderful is it to see her back then. Its like history before your eyes. I like the flair and the poking and the wall of comments, its neat you get share home videos which I like cause get to watch the nephews eat and cry! I don't like that my sister baby talks to them but hell their her kids! So live and let live. I like those on line games or quizzes to see what actor/actress you would like to be and you can send red neck gifts, and drinks and well you can do all kinds of neat stuff. I don't have aim so I really like the chat function I can talk to my friends on line again and thats cool too! So I guess you can say the Facebook is growing on me I am guarded about using my last name though because of my Pagan flair and would hate a co-worker to figure out who I am and show the boss, unfortunately their are some folks out there who still discriminate (boss is a devout Bible Thumper) but the odd thing is that even though I am like one foot in the broom closet I feel its okay to tell some folks of years gone by and kids I graduated from High School with that I am Pagan. I know Zoe has a Facebook how about the rest of you … what do you think about this social network?

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Proud as a Peacock …

Okay today I watched a video clip on my brother-in-laws Facebook Page, married to the sister whom I have had a falling out with. I still love my sister and even though I am very angry and disappointed in her actions towards me (yes unresolved issues) I am happy that she just recently gave birth to twin boys this past January. She didn't think she could have any and the Gods had graced her. They are preemies and one boy is going to have a lot of medical issues. They are concerned for Cerebral Palsy and a list of other medical concerns due to a hospital error while in incubation. I haven't been able to get myself to sit in the same room as my sister, let alone talk to her on the phone but my family keeps me apprised of any updates I should know. She and her husband has been having somewhat of a struggle, and I do truly feel bad for them and wish my nephews the best and hope the Healing Gods and Goddess help AJ the boy afflicted with many ailments with some much needed healing energy for recovery.

Well what I found really funny is dad got two Peacocks who took root on their property and he is afraid of them, they are chasing the squirrels and come after him if he steps out the door. My sister and her hubby are Catholic so they don't see the humor I do in having these beautiful creatures grace their home. I made some 'Guardian Angel' Candles for my sisters' boys and out of respect for her religious beliefs and sent them through mom after the boys were born and I prayed to my Spiritual Deities that they guard and protect her sons. For those of you who don't know … I follow a Greek Pagan path and I have prayed to both Hekate and Hera to keep the boys safe and help AJ through his therapies and surgeries. I believe Hera has answered my prayers and sent two of her favored birds as a sign of Her presence. I must make an offering to her too! It would be just like my brother-in-law and sister not to see the bigger picture of their special gifts which have literally made a home on their roof and in their yard!

Throughout history not only has the peacock been seen as decorative “exotic” pet as well as a meat bird. The Phoenicians who brought the Peacocks to Egypt more than 3000 years ago, did so to decorate the temples, where they were considered good luck. These birds were sacred to many Gods & Goddesses in the Greek tradition like Hera for one; who it is said gave the peacock's plumage many eyes! For thousands of years the Peacock has been a symbol of pride and the presence of ego, and this was reflected in the motivation for ancient people’s reverence of this beautiful and almost mystical bird. Where do you think the phrase “Proud as a Peacock” originated from? I know my sister's hubby must be a proud dad and my sister a proud mom too. I think its interesting how that they had twins and now have two peacocks on their property scaring the heck out of dad, I found this too humors. But to continue the image of the peacock is a cross-cultural symbol, and appears as a symbol of paradise, rebirth, the incorruptibility of the soul and a symbol of immortality. The bird is also a symbol for the story of the heavens and hence, resurrection and everlasting life. I think their presence at my sisters home is that much more significant because what I have yet to tell you is that my sister almost lost AJ and it was touch and go for a while but he held on. So on so many levels their presence filled me with joy even if I can only see this from afar and in this case on a Facebook video clip! In the East the peacock represents a symbol of rebirth in the mythology of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. The peacock also became a symbol in Christian art and an icon. During the first ten centuries of Christianity, the peacock was a popular symbol for Christ. This should make my Catholic family members pleased to know! It was also known as the symbol of the resurrection, and in many medieval paintings, angels' wings are composed of peacocks' plumes.

So in actuality, what I may see and my sister and her hubby don't, is that Frank & Anthony (aka ~ AJ) have … are totem animal spirits (and in this case the real thing) watching over them as well as their Guardian Angels, and I hope that they don't scare these beautiful creatures off just yet! This is indeed a good omen and very special!

By the way peacocks are also a sign of laughter and they remind us that its okay to laugh too! I know them scaring my brother-in-law is a hoot!

Blessed Be ~ Bia' Aletheia

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In appreciation for past and current contestants of Warp Bloggers….

I am sorry to see Zoe take her leave from the WARP contest and even though I know she had too leave for many good reasons I wanted to say thanks to you and to all the other bloggers out there. You are all worthy opponents and your insights have provided me with not only a good resource of ideas to blog from but it was cool to see the little glimpses in your individual lives. Zoe you blog on Spiritual Growth was really good and it made me look at my own relationship with the Gods and to see if I am currently just going through the motions or am I having a solid honest to good relationship with my deities. I have learned through your words that I need to step it up and be more consistent with what I do. Amanda's blogs are fun and I get to hear about her family and how her children are learning and growing and how proud she is of them and how proud she is of her community. Gaelyn bowed out early but I listen to his pod casts and they are fun and entertaining. The recent guests he and Thor had with Medea, Mystral and Denny I believe was cool too. Not enough folks practice good manners and etiquette any more its a lost art and you folks reminded me of the importance of leading by example so we don't loose these things anymore. Spence's blogs are cool and full of good imaginative stories of dragons … I love dragons by the way. I like the wild cards too if I have not told you that yet! They are funny and I hope you find a good women soon too! Kf2mh had some good blogs too and I was sorry he got sick and I learned how he loves to work with ham radios is it. What a neat hobby! Let me tell you I think me and Stray Hairs a kin because she can write lengthy blogs and I love her outlook on life and how she always teaches the value of staying positive. I was sorry the Wage Mage did not get to compete too but I still read her blogs you too offer a lot of good insight. And perhaps Mike Mayhem can join the next Warp if you all host one again! Which I hope we do because this has not only been fun, it has also been challenging and rewarding. In case you haven't all guessed I enjoy the writing too so it helps me to think about stuff more deeply. So having said all this and hoping to post this in the nick of time some 50 minutes before the deadline I want to say I appreciate and have read all the blogs and you all rock so blog on!

Bia' Aletheia

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Rant on Deceit & Gossip ...

Okay you remember me discussing various portions of a unique dream I just had, well I just discovered one portion of it was indeed a prophetic dream. The part that had to deal with a co-worker I don't normally trust. Well without giving you too much details this person has made many enemies over the years and is not well liked by here peers or her subordinates. In fact, so much so that folks are waiting and watching her to make mistakes so that they can take that and run with it. I myself do not have enough time or energy to expend on 'getting back' at folks and I am a big time believer that a great thing called 'karma' will do what it does best! What you put out will come back three fold! So anyway I want to place a quote here before I continue with this stream of thought.

~ Sir Walter Scott (1808)

You seethe problem with the co-worker who lives by this creed has gotten her self in a situation where folks are purposely going out of their way to get this women in trouble. I know personally many folks who got burnt by this person and all though think this is terrible I come from the school of thought 'that two wrongs don't make it right' either. No we got other folks are weaving webs of deceit and getting innocent folks in trouble and in the line of fire. All to which adds up to a very hostile work environment and bringing down moral by the droves.

Now add in a bad mix of the ugly side of GOSSIP and this makes the the situation even worse. The bad thing about where I work is you have some administrators (my bosses) telling supervisors that they need to be the example and set the bar high and rise above all this negativity and gossip mongers. Well this is good in theory but what happens next is that these some folks who are telling you these things are the first folks to violate their own advice giving. The culture that now exists 'is do what I say not as I do' What happened to the tenant of be the example when they themselves set a bad example. I love what I do but all this makes has me desiring to look for a new line of work all together. Not all folks I work with are bad, in fact there are more good ones then bad but this culture of gossiping has created a sink hole sort of speak that many cant seem to find there way out of. Leaving me with this quote to ponder:

~ Robert Luis Stevenson

What I see happening at my job are two things the good folks trying real hard to shield up from the negative gossip but it brings folks down … its literally depressing. Secondly, it literally can play havoc on the community that exists at work and literally tears it apart. So now we are experiencing a high overturn rate and folks are only hanging on by a bare thread. Because the economy is so bad folks need a job … even if it is a terrible one. Good folks are entertaining and spreading gossip and the even though the worst of folks have potential to improve we seem to be stuck in this never ending cycle of strife. One of my bosses had made a statement to me yesterday that my passion and enthusiasm for my job seems to be gone … I cried because its true … but with this kind of working environment … go figure! Perhaps the last part of my recent dream is telling me I need to find joy again and this may require a career change!

Bia' Aletheia
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Interpreting My Dream Symbols ~ About The Water

Taking into consideration Amanda at some of your suggestions from that dream I had about water and its various states, I do believe you hit the mark on a few things. I like what you said about the last portion with me observing the Ghost Hunter Guys on the four wheelers and I was observing instead of playing along or taking the adventure with them. It seems like lately in my waken state its all about the work and never about having some fun myself and I think it reality I do resent that at times. I need to find a happy balance in my life of work, play and rest. Something I don’t do nearly enough.
In the first part of dream the foundation was definitely threatened I agree on that too and since the home was flooding sort of speak with an abundance of too much water I too think it represents a flood of my emotions and is also indicates a sense of being overwhelmed with too many responsibilities. I remember the feeling of dread and the thought of having to move again. I move around a lot in my wakened world and fear that if our financial conditions don’t improve we may indeed need to move yet again. I think the portion of that dreams where the pipes are bursting and the floors being ruined do signify my fear on an unsteady foundation.
The portion of helping a co-worker that I do not trust seemed to tell me it’s not in my nature o hold grudges even though I felt a need to be cautious I did make a good faith effort to help her because I want to believe in the inherent good of folks. The crying by her meant some sort of release. Perhaps she wants to let things go but I am still leery wit this one. I feel bells and whistles around her in my wakened state all the time. I will need to meditate on this one.
The third part of the dream where I traded water bottles with Dan to me also let me know that you guys and gals form our neighboring pagan communities are indeed good folks and your intentions are indeed pure. I think trading the generic for the name brand was significant because it says you are not above reproach and that you are very welcoming to everyone no matter what they can or can not offer. Community is the one thing you do pride yourself as being and you all harbor the same noble goal. I worry a lot about the openness you all have and the need for me to keep one foot set in the closet and feel Dan’s message to me not to worry is reassurance that its okay too and you are all accepting of that!
The last portion of the dream with the element of water in several forms is indeed very significant. From what I know about dreaming of elements and season it is heavily associated to the natural rhythms of life and thus serve as powerful symbol for the dreamer (me in this case) and could indicate significant life changes. Which is what I feel a calling and a need for in my wake life. The water is a definite symbol for imagination where as the earth I was sitting on means fertility and steadfastness. Now in my dream both symbols were frozen and still and in a state of being locked then a great and quick thaw came. To me this could mean something is going to happen rather quickly too.   The water symbol itself again means creativity and the exploration of the imagination. Now I got sacred when the guys were immersed in the water and this meant a fear of drowning can mean feelings submerged in emotions. But soon I realized these guys were coming right back up so the condition could signify the feeling will only be momentarily but because they were having fun after it could mean that the experience will have to be experienced in order to move on to the next stage. The fact the snow and ice did melt suggests fears and obstacles are dissolving and the scene was significant of transformations things in a frozen state to a more fluid one. This is a good omen. It tells me there will be some progress and I may get to enjoy life once again. And that I need to take the time to play and be more active and not just merely sit by. Time to get creative I guess is the underlying message. Sounds good to me!   
BB ~ Bia’ Aletheia
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Dream About Water ... Go Fingure!

I don't know if it has anything to do with all this water or the fact that my last blog was about all the rain we have been having. But last night I had this really bizarre dream. I will go ahead and record it in this blog and then do research on its possible meaning. Perhaps I can share with you all on the next blog my interpretation. Feel free to comment yourselves on what you think it may mean as well. It was very interesting to say the least. One portion of the dream is a recurring dream I have and I did not realize I do experience recurring dreams but I did recognize it for what it was. Anyhow the dram had to do with the many forms or conditions water can be found in. Some parts of the dream were just weird, some unnerving and others a little emotional as the element of water often represents. The first part of the dream is the recurring dream that I have had a few times in the recent past and the next sections are a bit disjointed and do not really tie in with each other, other then it deals with water.

Beginning (a recurring dream): I was living in this apartment not recognizable to me and running the washing machine and I was in a separate room from the laundry room. I could hear what sounded like water spraying every where and not going into the pipes or the machine as it should. I also remember feeling somewhat angry and thought 'oh no not again' and upon inspection sure enough the water was leaking everywhere making the floors wet and severely damaged. In fact the floors felt like it could way to the basement. I called the landlord who came to inspect the home and with the plumber both agreed that the floors were no longer safe and could give way at any time. I can remember them inspecting the walls and floors and looking at the pipes running through them and seeing all the pipes leaking and ruining the foundation around them. I signed and knew this means I would have to move again.

Next ( just off the wall and short): I jumped to where I work and remember being asked for a favor by a co-worker I completely don't trust in my waken state. She pulled me aside ans asked me for a favor she was crying and said I was her last hope. She had asked me to run off this guy who had made threats to her and was blackmailing her about something. I felt bad because she was crying and appeared to be genuine and I told her I will do my best to see what I could do. The guy came to work and I told him we all know what you want form her and its not going to happen and the guy just smiled at me and said “ Oh don't worry girl … I will get what I want”.

Middle (walking down a busy sidewalk on a hot sunny day): Folks were entering all kinds of stores on a busy street coming out with bottles of water in their hands. I remember too that I felt thirsty on my walk, so I too entered a store to get some water. I purchased a six pack of water and walked toward a parking lot where a bunch of folks from the Pasco Pagans and the Pheonix Counsil were gathered and were actually bartering different varieties of water. I walked up to Dan and Jamie and promptly traded one bottle of my generic stuff for a bottle of Zephyrhills. Dan smiled and told me that this was just fine!

Lastly (sitting a frozen embankment before a large body of water bigger then a pond): I remember sitting on the cold earth over looking the frozen lake before me. The surroundings reminded me of a place up North where I use to live. I was meditating on the quiet and stillness of the frozen element when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like chain saws and before my eyes were the crew of Ghost Hunters riding on four wheelers across the frozen tundra. It was Jason, Grant and Steve and they were having a blast. I got scared because the ice began to melt and the weather was getting warmer causing the ice to melt and break away. This did not phase the guys at all and they continued to have their fun. I remember seeing the guys sink with their four wheelers head first into the murky water and come right back up and continue to ride out and back into the water. They were still having fun. My worry turned into amazement and I laughed at how wet the guys were thought wow how brave they were to not let the changing climate change their spirits.
Quick Glance (a brief interpretation): Well in the last sentence of my dream I may already know one lesson to be learned from the dream and that is to not let anything change or dampen your spirit, even if it is water lol!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

So How About All That Rain?

Ah … ha … bet you all were thinking I am going to concede … well it almost came close. I almost missed the cut off time less then a few short hours. First of all I almost forgot about the WARP contest. I remembered I did not post anything after midnight last night because I got a case of bloggers block big time. I forgot to check my e-mail today or I would have remembered to write something earlier. I had a lot going on today and had to not only fight traffic but had to make may way through all this rain. It was crazy out there too … folks stocking up for memorial weekend but the rain might dampen all those BBQ's they have planned! I have lived here for almost 14 years and cant remember it raining 5 days straight. I am not talking about late summer afternoons sprinkles or 25 minute down pours, I am talking about rain all day long. Not that I am complaining because we certainly need this water after such a long dry spell. With hurricane season right around the corner it feels like we started early this year. So maybe now some of those fire bans can get lifted and folks can start to enjoy themselves outdoors. Right now its been mostly damp, wet and well the rain did bring many frogs out. I don't mind because frogs are cool and they make such pleasant music after a rainstorm when there are many. I like the sounds of the night life after a good rain here in Florida. Its one of the things I do enjoy about Florida. The rain makes this state feel more tropical too! OMG & G I only have 287 words thus far. For some reason writing this blog tonight is somewhat excruciating. Don't get me wrong I am not ready to concede because I enjoy the challenge and blogging is fun but when you can't think of what to write its like pulling teeth! Okay now I have 339 words … its looking a little better … right? So how about all that rain? How has it been effecting your commutes to work? What about the events you have planned for the weekend? Did the weather force you to change things up? Do you appreciate the rain? I know I do because its not only needed but it forces folks to rest. Perhaps that is why I felt a little lazy about writing this blog today. It feels like a lazy Sunday afternoon and makes you feel like hardly doing anything at all but curl up with a good book. I think that is exactly what I am going to do … and maybe get some inspiration for my next blog. Okay thats more like it, I now have 465 words so I will catch you all later!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia