Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To Teach or Not to Teach

I have a question for the Pagan Community at large. I would like some input and feedback because I believe in the opinions of others who have had similar experiences. Who better then one to answer such a question, then one who has walked the path before me, to offer such advise. I have recently been approached by someone who would like me to mentor them in the hands on stuff of the Craft. They are not interested in group work right now but would like someone to guide them on the practical portion of the Craft. I do not have any lineage per se, but have been predominantly solitaire. I do experience is group work and circles. I have taught at an online Pagan campus as an instructor and offered community workshops and local events. I have about 14 years of experience on my own path. But does this qualify me to teach on a one to one basis? I am quite honored by the request but this sounds like the person is trying to do things 'traditionally'. Obviously I am going to be forthcoming and let her know I do not belong to any specific generational tradition, but I have a feeling that this may be okay with her. She is looking for someone to practice with and wants feedback if she is doing things right. Obviously, that is a personal thing and what feels right to one may not always feel right to another. So my question is this, would I be doing her a disservice because I have no lineage? I think this would be a great opportunity for me to offer some sort of service to the community at large and provide guidance. I know this would be a large commitment and I am considering it but to those who have provided instruction and guidance to other (who may or may not have lineage), what is your opinion on this? Do you think its possible and what ground work or conditions should be followed in such an endeavor if I choose to do this with her consent?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ganesha ~ Buddhi Knowledge

A really good friend of mine whom I come to embrace as a sister is all about the Hindu Religion and Culture! She has been teaching me much about the Gods and Goddesses in that tradition. She is not Indian but she is in Spirit!!! One of the most interesting concepts I have learned recently is the proper way to make offerings to the Gods/Goddesses in this tradition. They prefer 'fire sacrafices through the smoke of the offerings'! Since I am a Leo and my Sign is Fire ... I am all about the Fire and this concept makes much sense to me!!! Which probably explains why I like Candle Magick too!!! Any how one of the Gods I have been re-introduced to is Ganesha recently and this Divine Entity has fascinated me once before. When I was in college I befriended a classmate whose name was Tunuja and I when I visted her home there was a fairly large statue of Ganesha by the restroom in their home. I asked why was that there and she had told me in their Culture Ganesha protected people while bathing and had something to do about his creation story! Maybe my dear friend River can shed some light for me on how this correlates to His Beginnings.

What I thought I would do for know is share some interesting facts that I have recently learned about this wonderful God. If anyone of you want to share something not on this list feel free to comment and share.

1.) Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles.

2.) He is a patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He is also associated with writing and letters.

3.) Ganesha is identified with the Hindu mantra Aum that personifies the primal sound

4.) A Mantra said to his favor is ~ (O Lord Ganapati!) You are (the Trinity) Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesa. You are Indra. You are fire [Agni] and air [Vāyu]. You are the sun [Sūrya] and the moon [Chandrama]. You are Brahman. You are (the three worlds) Bhuloka [earth], Antariksha-loka [space], and Swargaloka [heaven]. You are Om. (That is to say, You are all this).

5.) According to Kundalini yoga, Ganesha resides in the first chakra, called Muladhara (mūlādhāra). Mula means "original, main"; adhara means "base, foundation". The muladhara chakra is the principle on which the manifestation or outward expansion of primordial Divine Force rests.

6.) Hindus of all denominations invoke Ganesha at the beginning of prayers, important undertakings, and religious ceremonies. He is invoked when folks are venturing into a new business and or buying objects like vehicles.

7.) An annual festival honors Ganesha for ten days, starting on Ganesh Chaturthi, which typically falls in late August or early September.The festival begins with people bringing in terracota idols of Ganesha, symbolising Ganesha's visit.

8.)Ganesha was particularly worshipped by traders and merchants, who went out of India for commercial ventures.

Much of this info shared today came from Wikepedia and other internet sources. The Bath story told to me my Tunuja's parents is one I must locate because it still sticks out in my mind! With Summer Solstice just passing I thought it would be a perfect time to share some tidbits on the God with you all since He seems to be celebrated and honored in the summer months traditionally.

Oh by the way before I take my leave I am getting back to writing. I miss it and I feel inspired by Ganesha no doubt since He is a Patron God of writing! Thank you so much River for helping me to connect or reconnet with this God!!!

Oh perhaps my next topic should be on Indian Food! Nom Nom and a big yummy! Don't even get me started on Mango Lassi!!!

Blessed Be Y'All Eh!
Bia' Aletheia

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is it Divine Inspiration or being tired of the Nothingness?

Which ever the case maybe … it’s getting me motivated and forcing me to pull myself out of this funk I have been in these last few months. I fell so far down the “rabbit hole” and slipped into the “Never-ending Story”, I got caught up in the nothingness! It’s not the best place to be yet sometimes a dark descent helps put things back into perspective! I think since May of 2010 my life had began to change … it had too, but just I refused to see it. I was desperately clinging on to old ideals, and a toxic relationship because he needed me I needed him … blah … blah … blah! I wanted so desperately to make things work even for all the wrong reasons. Then I found out something about myself … yah no kidding … it turns out I am wired wrong I got this thing in my DNA where I seek out people to take care of and no matter how toxic they are for me I can and must help them. Call me a martyr or a saint but did you know I can yield that kind of power … I can change them! This is a classic codependent issue … that’s what I am … a codependent! Well this has been instilled in me form early childhood, somewhere along the way I began to harbor this belief that I am not worthy of certain things and that other people come first! So that’s just what I did tried to take care of everyone else accept for myself and when I noticed the ‘mirror effect’ take over my life I did not have the energy or strength to do anything positive to change my circumstance. I attracted the negativity I brought into my life! I was down too deep and too far gone! I began to expect bad things to happen; I looked for strife and drama … well when you worry about those things you invite them in! The power of your thoughts is a powerful tool ladies and gentlemen, be ever so mindful! You know the rule ‘Harm none’ well that applies to us folks too! If we don’t take care of ourselves we are hurting ourselves. Self-care is as equally important and essential to our spiritual, physical and mental well-being! I know folks with families and loved ones often believe they need to put their loved ones first I see where that may not be the best principle to live by. If you’re not well and can’t take care of yourself you can’t expect to do a very good job in taking caring of someone else! A friend told this to me recently and it makes a lot of sense … when you’re on a plane that is about to crash and the oxygen masks come down you have to put the oxygen mask on you first then you start to help others around you. Why? It’s all about survival folks! To truly live a healthy and meaningful life self-care has to be part of the equation and if not ‘the’ top priority! So it occurred to me let’s mirror good stuff and filter out the bad, let’s concentrate on happy thoughts instead of negative self-talk! It’s not going to be easy but for the first time in a long time I believe I am worth it! Now I have some awesome friends and a supportive family who always thought so but I couldn’t see it for a long time. I didn’t see it so easily in myself! I am not much for New Year’s Resolutions but I am making a few promises to myself this coming New Year! I am getting back to the root of self-care and I will take my sponsor’s advise … have a love affair with myself or at least try like heck! I want to embark upon a journey of self-discovery and I want to remember that the only person I can change is myself! I don’t know if any of you out there have been in a recovery program. I am participating in two types. At first I had a hard time with it because of the strong ‘Christian Sentiment’ it carries but I am sticking with of because it’s a good support system and from a different perspective the message fits any belief system. It talks about getting back to self-care and that should resonate in us all! I have also decided my poor blog has been neglected enough. I found happiness and a certain satisfaction in writing about stuff. Its therapy perhaps but I hope to share a lot more in the New Year! I will take my leave but would like to share with the Pagan Community at large with a really neat twist on the Christianized version of the Serenity Prayer. I hope you all enjoy!

Blessed Be Everyone & ~ May the return of the Sun Gods bring back the light into our lives!

Bia’ Aletheia

Pagan Serenity Prayer
God & Goddess grant me:
The Power of Water, to accept with ease and grace what I cannot change.
The Power of Fire, for the energy and courage to change the things I can.
The Power of Air, for the ability to know the difference.
And the Power of Earth, for the strength to continue my path.
So Mote in Be!
Copyright 2005 Pagan Sanctum Press

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beware of the Komodo Dragon ~ Dreamt 2004

I was naked, thin and pale standing in a basement of this abandon house, or so I thought. My first instinct was to look for clothing and especially shoes because of the debris I felt on the floor beneath my achy feet. I heard this voice inside my head say “beware of the Komodo Dragon”. Looking up towards the ceiling on the wall I could see this lump hidden behind the white paint crawling down towards me. You could not see the object other than this strange bulge on the wall itself. It was as if this object moved through a thin layer of white paper. It began to move at an angle and as it drew closer it entered this dark closet before me. I noticed some clothing hanging there and a few empty hangers. I tried to focus my eyes at the bottom of the closet to see where this object disappeared to. It magically appeared from behind this white sheet. It was magnificently orange gold and green, very lizard like with webbed feet. It had a stout hammer like head as well. Its eyes glowed like red rubies as it peered up at me. I then heard it hiss and the creature lunged at me and bit my shin. I fell to the floor messaging my legs and feet as the creature slid back into the wall with an eerie growling noise. I looked up towards the ceiling which was unusually high with platforms and rafters. Above the white walls you could see brick inlay and uncompleted carpentry work. You could also see many of these creatures scurrying about in the rafters staring back at me with those luminescent red eyes. Where the white walls met the rafters you could also see many bulges where these lizard like creatures crawled. For a moment I felt dizzy as I watched the wall dance by their slick movements. It as if I was entranced by a belly dancer who moved hypnotically behind a curtain or veil of white satin. Again, I heard the voice inside my head “beware of the Komodo Dragon”.

Naked and confused I stood up and began to remove the clothing form the closet. Systematically I began to dress as I inspected thoroughly each item of clothing. First I put on a pair of sleek black slacks, form fitting yet soft and comfortable. Then I put on this reddish brown sweater which was also form fitting and soft. The sleeves were long and covered a portion of my hand almost up to the base of my fingers. I then noticed a mirror on the door and I began to examine the outfit I wore. I felt confident, warm and comfortable. As I looked down at my bare feet I could remember wishing for shoes. I then noticed a pair of tan leather work boots sitting in the closet. I sat back on the floor to put the shoes on. I looked up at the creatures lurking about in the wall and on the rafters and I thought to myself if I put these on everything will be fine. Once I tied the last shoe and stood up firmly I felt sturdy, safe and confident again. I noticed a staircase from this strange basement and ascended them. I entered this kitchen where a family was gathered preparing a meal. I was asked to join them for supper. I accepted the invitation, ate cautiously, assisted with clean up, and then took my leave. I woke shortly after I heard the voice inside my head say “beware of the Komodo Dragon”!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Common Thread!

I borrowed this book from my friend by Grimassi called "Spirit of the Witch" and let me tell you one thing right off the bat in Chapter One, I was struck by a ton of bricks! Grimassi says this about different religions, traditions and denominations;

"The differences we find in rituals that exist in different cultures lie in the way things are done, and not the reason. The beliefs we find differ little as well, bearing different labels and descriptions for essentially the same tenets. Despite this, the need seems to exist among humans to not only create different religions but also different denominations within a specific religion. As a species we seem to expend a great deal of energy focused on what separates us from one another rather than what unites us".

The author further states that the issue is we are all attempting to reach the same spiritual goal(s) but it is a matter of looking at it from a different perspective or viewpoint, we may take a different path to get there but we are all trying to achieve pretty much the same thing! He tells this folk tale to illustrate his point which I will site here but am unsure of its author:

Many centuries ago their lived a women who was a great spiritual teacher. She drew many seekers of the teachings she revealed, and around her formed a group of devoted disciples. After many years of study her disciples left and journeyed to other lands, hoping to spread the teachings they have learned.

The years went by and one day the disciples returned and sought out their old teacher. Once the found her, the disciples posed a question to the master. "We have," their spokesperson remarked, "travelled to many lands, and discovered many different teachings that are unlike the ways you have taught us." The master calmly nodded in acknowledgment, and the disciple continued, "Therefore we are confused, so can you tell us what is the true religion?"

The master looked up with a patient smile and replied, "All of the religions in the world are like individual pearls. Each of them formed around a different grain of sand, in different waters, under different conditions." Then the master looked directly at the spokesperson and spoke softly saying, "But if you ask me which is the true pearl, I will tell you none of them are the one true pearl. Instead, the truth is the thread that runs through, holding them together as a necklace, and that is the one truth you seek!"

I thought this rather profound because it is another testament if you will that if we spend more time looking for a 'common thread' there would be a lot less strife in the world around us!

Blessed Be ~ Bia' Aletheia

*** Truth is in the thread that unites us!

Word count ~ lol just kidding!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Spence, you were a worthy opponent... but I have conceded. I think 46 consecutive posts is pretty good! I will not stop blogging! Thanks to Phoenix Projects for having this contest, and to all my competitors, thank you! I learned so much from you all, and I hope I was able to inspire or teach, even if it was just a little bit.

Word count... Oh, who cares anymore!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling A Little Better Today

Beside the fact that my Computer Laptop needs some technical support work and may have crashed I am feeling a little better today! I am luck to have a home base computer to so that’s why I can still blog or currently I would have been in big trouble. The anxiety is dull today and I had my confrontation at work yesterday it did not go as bad as I thought it might! First of all one of my bosses, not the head honcho, and more like the second in commend came to me and said not to worry … I guess he saw the anxiety on my face like my freckles and felt my rapid breathing. He ironically got me to calm down which was pretty unique in of itself because sometimes he too can be one of my triggers for the anxiety I have been experience at work! He had shared with me that he believed it was a misunderstanding and that the terminology my staff used in front of the new medical contract personnel was taken out of context and he would try to get to the bottom of this. We had sat down to talk to the staff involved who made the statement that caused the issue in the first place and this is what he said … but before I repeat this here let me tell that my spiritual warrior came out in full force shortly after and if I had a spear in my hand like Athena I would have smite him … yeah what he said pissed me off because the whole thing could have been avoided in the first place … so this is what my staff said …

“Oh that’s not what I said and what I said was taken out of context, and not to mention I was only joking … ‘cheese-n-rice’ from now on I will just keep my ‘family friendly’ mouth shut”!

My boss and I looked at him in amazement. A joke you say, a family friendly joke! A friggin frackin joke! If my nerves were shot you would have not known then I puffed up like a peacock and told him ‘you will give me a statement to that fact and you will need to watch what you tell people especially if you know it’s not true’! Meanwhile I was imagining smiting him with Athena’s spear! All that worry and all that stress and the sleepless night and the really bad anxiety attack because of a joke or taking what he said out of context! I was beside myself; I felt like I got ran over by a Mac Truck and drained of all my energy. Can you believe this? How can some folks be that stupid and that asinine that they can be so careless as to say things that they consider to be a joke when they know that some folks don’t take highly to certain jokes, and especially when your dealing with youth and other high liable stuff in a juvenile facility! What the Hades was he thinking? He knew I was pissed and kept away from me for the most part of the day … it was wise of him yes indeed very wise!

So I guess one could say I am feeling a little better today but am still upset how a few words said can cause so much trouble and anxiety … I need Karma to kick in now and do Her best!

Bia’ Aletheia

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