Friday, April 17, 2009

The Law of Reciprocity

Do you follow the Golden Rule or Universal Law of Reciprocity? Are you one of those folks who hold fast to the idea that it is better to give then receive? Do you live by the Cree to treat others as you yourself wish to be treated? Well if so, this falls under the very definition of Reciprocity. Basically, Reciprocity means a give and take relationship. It's the law of cause and effect, and we see it all around us. When you say, "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours," that's Reciprocity. So is the old expression, "You get what you pay for!” Does this sound like its making more sense to you? Isn't it funny that we as human beings judge another person's heart by the way that we give? When you truly care for someone, you want to provide for them and give them all that you can. Whether it is your time, money, talent, and/or affections – these acts of giving express your love and admirations for the person whom you are bestowing these gifts upon. So then it would be safe to say the reverse is true as well. People, who tend to hold back when their heart is cold, filled with distrust and perhaps a little bit fear, greed or disdain. Cold-hearted people can expect coldness in return. This kind of thing makes me think of the Law of Attraction as well, where like attracts like. Whatever "seed" is sown, that is the "harvest" that you can expect to "reap"! There are two important lessons in the Principle of Reciprocity. The first is - "If you give, it will be given back to you." Sometimes you get back more than you give! This usually always happens when a person's heart is right. The second lesson is harder to master - "Learn to give without hoping to get anything back!" Either way, you are blessed by the giving that you do! It makes you feel good! This Principle of Reciprocity affects your relationships with your loved ones, neighbors, friends, and even strangers! The Principle of Reciprocity shows that you're blessed in like or better kind, when you use what you have to bless others. You are not blessed if you do otherwise. Our relationship with the Divine, our Gods and Goddesses is also based on Reciprocity: our offerings for their blessings, we give gifts for the gifts They provide. A final note here about Reciprocity, do you remember the recent philosophy of Paying it Forward, where one treats others in kind and performs several acts of kindness. It is believed that when an act of kindness has been bestowed upon you that in return you put out your own acts of kindness and if everyone participates in this that eventually the world will be filled with goodness. I feel that is exactly what Reciprocity is all about and if you send out good by treating others well, it shall be returned to you! It sounds like practicing good karma doesn't it. Well there is something to be said about Karma too (perhaps another future sermon)! For me it's leading by example … be the change you want to see in the world!

Blessed Be
BIA Aletheia

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