Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She Is Stuck In My Head!

Have you ever picked up a book and somewhwere between chapters two and three you began to hear a dialect in your head that you absolutely know does not belong to you? I still possess some French Canandain Maratime dialect in my everyday speech, and occassionally find myself saying the word 'eh' to puncuate my sentences even after living here in Florida for almost 14 years. But now, after reading this fiction book ... everything I read like a newspaper article, to my fellow Community Pagan Blogs, to constructing e-mails has a very "Southern Styling of a Louisana Southern Belle" in it, and I am not even finished the book! What is up with that?

So here is what is happening, I picked up a copy of Dorothy Morrison's Lucinda's Web, a fiction book written by a pretty classy pagan author, if you haven't guessed it yet, it's one Dorothy Morrison! I am sure many of you are most farmiliar with her books like Everyday Magic or Everyday Tarot. Some of you had even seen her this past year at FPG Samhain 2008 (I did!). She was one of the headliners there! I bought an autographed copy of her 'Utterly Wicked' book (very good resource text by the way for some 'good ole fashion' take kind of charge magick by the way)! The book 'Lucinda's Web is a fiction book she had written recently and is a good read thus far. I burrowed it from my buddy who got it from Dorothy Morrison at FPG too! I am only half way through the text so the complete commentary on the book will have to be reserved for now, but so far so good, and I am enjoying it as a curl up and just relax ... kind of book! It's supenceful and wonderfully humorous and best of all it has Pagan Themes all up in it ... y'all! The main character is a chain smoking feind and I can tell you that I am an ex smoker of 14 years and with all the mention of smoking, dragging and budding out of cigerettes into ashtrays ... makes me want to pick the habit up again. But that's not the point of this blog ... or is it? I am totally in synch with Tess Logan the main character, she is stuck in my head. I can't help but think that Dorothy Morrison has 'bewitched me' the reader somehow and make me really connect magickally not only with the main character and the mysterious story setting but ... I have a hunch is also a big personification of the author herself. As I write this and as crazy as this may sound; I believe the spirit of Dorothy Morrison and/or the character Tess Logan is channelling through me now! Seriously all kidding aside ... you know that you are reading a good book when the character or the author transforms you so much so, that you literally feel them stuck in your head, and especially something as unique as your own dialect changes. I am not only caught up in the moment but I am stuck in the pages that Mrs. Morrison wrote! You know it's bad when your mom asks you on the phone as to why you are talking like your were raised in the Deep South knowing darn well she gave birth to you way up North, and that you sound kind of funny today! I better finsih this book in a hurry before I really do take up smoking again ... can't afford the prices either! Meanwhile, I have ordered M. R. Sellars and am patiently waiting for his sixth installment of the Rowan Gant Series. I need to quit hearing Southern Stylings in everything soon because now I am talking like a Southern Belle!

Has any one of you ever experienced being one with the fiction book? ...the character? ... or the author? ... like this? It's kind of cool! Off to read some more chapters now! Peace!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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  1. Never experienced that, exactly, but I do have one book that raises my energy to ridiculous levels when I read it.