Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beware of the Komodo Dragon ~ Dreamt 2004

I was naked, thin and pale standing in a basement of this abandon house, or so I thought. My first instinct was to look for clothing and especially shoes because of the debris I felt on the floor beneath my achy feet. I heard this voice inside my head say “beware of the Komodo Dragon”. Looking up towards the ceiling on the wall I could see this lump hidden behind the white paint crawling down towards me. You could not see the object other than this strange bulge on the wall itself. It was as if this object moved through a thin layer of white paper. It began to move at an angle and as it drew closer it entered this dark closet before me. I noticed some clothing hanging there and a few empty hangers. I tried to focus my eyes at the bottom of the closet to see where this object disappeared to. It magically appeared from behind this white sheet. It was magnificently orange gold and green, very lizard like with webbed feet. It had a stout hammer like head as well. Its eyes glowed like red rubies as it peered up at me. I then heard it hiss and the creature lunged at me and bit my shin. I fell to the floor messaging my legs and feet as the creature slid back into the wall with an eerie growling noise. I looked up towards the ceiling which was unusually high with platforms and rafters. Above the white walls you could see brick inlay and uncompleted carpentry work. You could also see many of these creatures scurrying about in the rafters staring back at me with those luminescent red eyes. Where the white walls met the rafters you could also see many bulges where these lizard like creatures crawled. For a moment I felt dizzy as I watched the wall dance by their slick movements. It as if I was entranced by a belly dancer who moved hypnotically behind a curtain or veil of white satin. Again, I heard the voice inside my head “beware of the Komodo Dragon”.

Naked and confused I stood up and began to remove the clothing form the closet. Systematically I began to dress as I inspected thoroughly each item of clothing. First I put on a pair of sleek black slacks, form fitting yet soft and comfortable. Then I put on this reddish brown sweater which was also form fitting and soft. The sleeves were long and covered a portion of my hand almost up to the base of my fingers. I then noticed a mirror on the door and I began to examine the outfit I wore. I felt confident, warm and comfortable. As I looked down at my bare feet I could remember wishing for shoes. I then noticed a pair of tan leather work boots sitting in the closet. I sat back on the floor to put the shoes on. I looked up at the creatures lurking about in the wall and on the rafters and I thought to myself if I put these on everything will be fine. Once I tied the last shoe and stood up firmly I felt sturdy, safe and confident again. I noticed a staircase from this strange basement and ascended them. I entered this kitchen where a family was gathered preparing a meal. I was asked to join them for supper. I accepted the invitation, ate cautiously, assisted with clean up, and then took my leave. I woke shortly after I heard the voice inside my head say “beware of the Komodo Dragon”!

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