Monday, June 29, 2009

A Common Thread!

I borrowed this book from my friend by Grimassi called "Spirit of the Witch" and let me tell you one thing right off the bat in Chapter One, I was struck by a ton of bricks! Grimassi says this about different religions, traditions and denominations;

"The differences we find in rituals that exist in different cultures lie in the way things are done, and not the reason. The beliefs we find differ little as well, bearing different labels and descriptions for essentially the same tenets. Despite this, the need seems to exist among humans to not only create different religions but also different denominations within a specific religion. As a species we seem to expend a great deal of energy focused on what separates us from one another rather than what unites us".

The author further states that the issue is we are all attempting to reach the same spiritual goal(s) but it is a matter of looking at it from a different perspective or viewpoint, we may take a different path to get there but we are all trying to achieve pretty much the same thing! He tells this folk tale to illustrate his point which I will site here but am unsure of its author:

Many centuries ago their lived a women who was a great spiritual teacher. She drew many seekers of the teachings she revealed, and around her formed a group of devoted disciples. After many years of study her disciples left and journeyed to other lands, hoping to spread the teachings they have learned.

The years went by and one day the disciples returned and sought out their old teacher. Once the found her, the disciples posed a question to the master. "We have," their spokesperson remarked, "travelled to many lands, and discovered many different teachings that are unlike the ways you have taught us." The master calmly nodded in acknowledgment, and the disciple continued, "Therefore we are confused, so can you tell us what is the true religion?"

The master looked up with a patient smile and replied, "All of the religions in the world are like individual pearls. Each of them formed around a different grain of sand, in different waters, under different conditions." Then the master looked directly at the spokesperson and spoke softly saying, "But if you ask me which is the true pearl, I will tell you none of them are the one true pearl. Instead, the truth is the thread that runs through, holding them together as a necklace, and that is the one truth you seek!"

I thought this rather profound because it is another testament if you will that if we spend more time looking for a 'common thread' there would be a lot less strife in the world around us!

Blessed Be ~ Bia' Aletheia

*** Truth is in the thread that unites us!

Word count ~ lol just kidding!


  1. Blessed be! I am all for a world that respects individuality while honoring the Divine which runs through all...what a lovely analogy. Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful post! And so very true! I started my blog with that in mind: every belief system has something beautiful, which is the reason why I'm an Eclectic Witch. I gather everything that works for me and refuse to touch that what doesn't. My "common thread" is the believe that the Gods created everything there is, so they exist in everything around us--including the people who like us very much.