Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling A Little Better Today

Beside the fact that my Computer Laptop needs some technical support work and may have crashed I am feeling a little better today! I am luck to have a home base computer to so that’s why I can still blog or currently I would have been in big trouble. The anxiety is dull today and I had my confrontation at work yesterday it did not go as bad as I thought it might! First of all one of my bosses, not the head honcho, and more like the second in commend came to me and said not to worry … I guess he saw the anxiety on my face like my freckles and felt my rapid breathing. He ironically got me to calm down which was pretty unique in of itself because sometimes he too can be one of my triggers for the anxiety I have been experience at work! He had shared with me that he believed it was a misunderstanding and that the terminology my staff used in front of the new medical contract personnel was taken out of context and he would try to get to the bottom of this. We had sat down to talk to the staff involved who made the statement that caused the issue in the first place and this is what he said … but before I repeat this here let me tell that my spiritual warrior came out in full force shortly after and if I had a spear in my hand like Athena I would have smite him … yeah what he said pissed me off because the whole thing could have been avoided in the first place … so this is what my staff said …

“Oh that’s not what I said and what I said was taken out of context, and not to mention I was only joking … ‘cheese-n-rice’ from now on I will just keep my ‘family friendly’ mouth shut”!

My boss and I looked at him in amazement. A joke you say, a family friendly joke! A friggin frackin joke! If my nerves were shot you would have not known then I puffed up like a peacock and told him ‘you will give me a statement to that fact and you will need to watch what you tell people especially if you know it’s not true’! Meanwhile I was imagining smiting him with Athena’s spear! All that worry and all that stress and the sleepless night and the really bad anxiety attack because of a joke or taking what he said out of context! I was beside myself; I felt like I got ran over by a Mac Truck and drained of all my energy. Can you believe this? How can some folks be that stupid and that asinine that they can be so careless as to say things that they consider to be a joke when they know that some folks don’t take highly to certain jokes, and especially when your dealing with youth and other high liable stuff in a juvenile facility! What the Hades was he thinking? He knew I was pissed and kept away from me for the most part of the day … it was wise of him yes indeed very wise!

So I guess one could say I am feeling a little better today but am still upset how a few words said can cause so much trouble and anxiety … I need Karma to kick in now and do Her best!

Bia’ Aletheia

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