Friday, June 5, 2009

So How Do I Speak to My Gods ... How Do They Speak To Me?

It is obvious then that I need to make more of an effort to be CONSISTENT in what I do, and more CONSISTENT in what I say I will do! I need to follow through with my intentions and do more for my Gods. It really has a lot to do with the 'stick-to-it-idess” I had talked about in an other blog. Or else how can I even call upon them when I am in need. Its not fair of me to ask when I have neglected them or myself. I once read somewhere that it is vital to take time for yourself, because we are divine and in that breath we celebrate the divine by taking self-care. With the all the other demands we have in our mundane life we often do neglect ourselves and often forget our about communicating with our Gods in the manner that we should.

So I wanted to share with you ways in which I do try to communicate with my Gods. But here lately it has been my Gods trying to communicate with me and I will start with how they have been subtly telling me 'HEY DO YOU SEE ME … WELL YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AND PAY MORE ATTENTION TO ME. I AM …RATHER ... WE ARE RIGHT HERE”!

For example yesterday Hermes about caused a three car pile up on County Line Road while I was heading to work. Shortly after my blog on CONSISTENENCY and on my way to work there was this tiny turtle (sacred to Hermes) crossing the road, and the three cars speeding down the highway West towards US 19 almost wrecked pulling over and skidding into the ditch just to avoid hitting the little guy. I was chuckling even though the incident could have been much worst and knowing Hermes to be the trickster and cunning it was most definitely his way in say “Yo Bia' Aletheia you can't ignore me no matter how 'little' you have been paying attention to me lately! He is right I have been neglecting him and that needs to stop and the 'almost' three car pile up was a definite form of communication. Zeus has been making his presence known to me that's for sure these daily thunder and lightning showers are most apparent but I really aught to thank Him more properly because we needed that water and rain! I know for a fact that Hekate is very sore with me in fact it would be safe to say she is pissed. I used to do these daily devotionals to her when I woke up and before I fell a sleep. She has stopped communication there and I can tell so I need to get back to the grind and pay her back 'BIG TIME'. I owe her that much if not more. She still vaguely sends out messages in 'threes' to remind me of her Trinity but they seem to be more of a warning not just a reminder to be careful! As you all know, and from a previous blog of mine Hera had blessed my sister and her twin boy (my nephews) with guardian Peacocks. She answered my prayers so I must also pay homage to HER lest She forget me and my request! Poseidon also need s a little offering and communication from me … I don't go visit the beach or a large body of water as often as I should and its sad really because I live right here in Florida! What the Hades is that all about? I love the water I use to love swimming as my favorite summer fun activity and relax time... I would love to go down the river on a raft or go tuubing as I did as kid and fantasize about the magickal woodland nymphs, fairies and mystical water creatures I see before me! I would listen to wind and look back at the rays of Apollo trickle down between the leaves of the trees making the light dance on my face! Ah to be free and wild like the GODS themselves. I need to get back to that childlike joy!

So having said all that how do I communicate with my Gods … I believe I communicate to them all the time but not in the proper format They so deserve! I do believe they speak to me through my dreams and by showing me things daily that are sacred to Them. For example also on the drive home I see at least a dozen or more dear (sacred to Artemis) eating grass on the side of the road. There are many other ways They reveal themselves but may go unnoticed! Don't get me wrong though I do make offerings and make libations some of the time, but is it consistent as it should be … to be honest no! I do some things right but for the most part I need to remember the true meaning and importance of observing a daily practice or conducting a daily ritual … it keeps us humble. It teaches us discipline and further more it keeps us connected to our sacred -divine-selves as well as our Divinities, Gods and Spirit Guides! I need to develop a plan I can stick to that not only makes me proud to say 'I not only talk the talk but I am walking the walk'! I want my Gods to know me as They have shared Themselves with me!

Blessed Be

Bia' Aletheia

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