Monday, June 15, 2009

Trying to do Things for the Pagan Community

Okay I seem to be having some writer block issues today! Maybe I am in shock that Amanda conceded yesterday. Know that you are a worthy opponent and I look forward to doing this again sometime! Now Spence is going to be quite the challenge as far as I can already see … rain or shine, he seems to be able to write just about anything and from anywhere. I envy that! Just how in the heck did you manage to blog from the Midsummers event? You folks got skills! Well I guess from here I will talk about the amazing weekend I had and some of the interesting things we have done!

Well you all know about Wendy Rule and going to see her in concert at Witches Brew, and what a fantastic little place that was in Palm Harbor. I will definitely be going back. I got to also hear Hecate's Wheel and they were a great local group I might add! But what you may not know is the night after we hosted a GOSH (Gathering of Spring Hill) Coffee event on Saturday evening at Starbucks on Hwy Fifty (50) towards Brooksville. We had quite the turn out there was 10 of us. I know that might not seem like a lot to you Phoenix Council folks or the Pasco Pagans but there could have been a few more folks there as well but were out for the count due to illness and other important issues. We tried the coffee thing here locally once before one a month and Dunkin Donuts on US 19 and there were times there were only two folks who showed up. Spring Hill and Hernando county are a little backwards we can not even have our own occult and/or metaphysical store because of backward laws on divination and stuff. There is a lot of city ordinances and laws to fight! Anyhow, once upon a time an acquaintance of ours while trying to meet us at Dunkin Donuts a day too early had approached a group and asked them if they belonged to the Spring Hill Pagans group and the response he got was “We are a Christian Meeting Group” and then he got some pretty cold stares. Needless to say when I hear stories like this I get a little put off about meeting in public places … and I know I should not feel that way but I worry and I know a lot of my pagan friends do to!

Okay so on to this Saturdays Coffee meet there were ten of us and five new folks we have not met before and we are so glad that we did. First of all I need to say thank you to Dan who lives here in Spring Hill / Brooksville area and belongs to the Pasco Pagans as well. He met some folks at Wal-Mart and told them about our coffee meet up. He also gave me some sound advice at last Yule, he said keep the events going do not loose heart because eventually ...they will come! Sounds like a movie plot don't it, but in all actuality Dan is right consistency does pay off. As for the new folks who came they were so excited to be with like minded adults and to learn about our event it made me happy that we can do something like this for them in our very own community. So Dan thanks for the advice and it is a Blessing to be part of something that is important to the Pagan Community, and it is for this reason I will try not to worry to much about being in Public. Even though there was this one couple who could not help but stare at us this Saturday we did not let them dampen our spirit. We have just as much right as anyone else to be out there and drink coffee and socialize don't we? By the way Wind your musical chairs idea was great but darn it if we didn't end up sitting next to the same folks but only at the other end of the table! It was fun though! We will be looking forward to see you all next month at the Coffee Meet & Greet, Hernando County will just have to accept us thats all!

Wow I guess my block is not as bad as I thought I guess the trick is to start writing!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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  1. Thanks I like the idea, however, I think Duck Duck Goose would have been much more entertaining in Starbucks! :)