Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taking a Break & Sharing Info

Before I get ready for work today I am taking a little break from blogging on the spiritual observance stuff and just working on updating my Blog Site. I have added some pictorial links for both the W.A.R.P podcast and a Pagan Blogger's Network I found and wish to be a part of. I want to tell the Phoenix Council Projects folks by the way that I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts, if I have not already done so! They are all very informative and I hope one day that I may be a guest on there too, that would be cool! You guys and gals rock and keep it up! I promise to keep listening too. You bring up issues that are very important for the Pagan community and its very much appreciated even for one such as myself who has to keep one foot in the broom closet 'sort of speak' because of the line of work I do. It was even mentioned in the podcast on 'Herding Cats' on group dynamics how one could participate more! I am one of those folks who can't be totally out there but your podcast has taught me a thing or to about being creative. For example you were all correct to say us pagans who worship Mother Earth need to do more for the planet to save this resource we have, so it made me think of ways I can help out to with cleaning projects for groups I belong to. It also made me think of things I can do personally to be more Eco-friendly minded! I wish I could have helped out more with your Midsummers event by I am only allowed so many days off a year and work part of the weekend. I do plan on making it to your Yule event! I get holidays off so this may be easier to take that time off! I need to find out who is in charge of setting up the workshops I may have some ideas for that or know some folks who may be able to do a workshop for you too. Perhaps Amanda you can e-mail me privately and let me know who the contact person is for that!

Okay let me talk a little about the Pagan Blogger's Network and the month of June being International Pagan Values Month. This is how I found out about the Pagan Blogger's Network and I thought it would be cool to tell you folks about it in the event you may be interested in joining. Here a couple of links for you:

They are trying to have pagans who write blogs linked to one other and I thought it would be cool to be a part of that and follow blogs form all over . You will notice a picture link on my blogroll site for it as well. So today for me was a little break but I achieved my goal of blogging 444 words, not including the links and wanted to information share!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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