Monday, June 1, 2009

I am a Noble Vampire & a Pirate too!

After getting some much needed rest … in other words going to bed around two AM and taking a nap between 12pm to 6 pm for staying up all night the day prior. I feel somewhat normal again, and not as shaky. The Facebook has me in a tiff today because its slow and it freezes up. Do you have the same problem? Okay … another blog on the Facebook … sorry I am like a kid in the candy store and when I find something that peaks my interest I stick with it for a few days. I think though in the same vein you will laugh because I am moving on from Mob Wars … I got invited yesterday to Vampire Wars … very Gothic and really cool. If I am not mistaken I have some folks I know around here in my clan as well! I like that you can dress up your avatar too. Its like playing barbies but for grown ups! LOL! Anyways Lady Bam Bam has converted to barbarism and is know a Noble Vampire by the name of Evee Frost … she was born into one of the oldest vampire clans in the world .. and she is out for blood … hehehe!

Darned Facebook is freezing again … dislike that. I need to get ready for work soon and I have to look at my Avatar or go fight some other Vampire before I go. So this Vampire Wars is very much like Mob Wars … and I know you have already been told that but instead of gaining property and assets you get Minions (folks considered your property who help you gain an income of blood) and special abilities (instead of weapons but considered your weapons like: mind control, animalistic abilities, superhuman strength, etc).

Oh no ... just joined pirate wars too what is it about these role playing games that we tend to like so much? I think I know it is called escapism, it temporarily allow us to get away from reality and live out these exotic fantasies that we wish we had. Its fun and addictive! Well look up Danu O'Malley, descendant of the famous Irish Pirate Grace O'Malley. if you can she is out to plunder to buy herself a cat! I got my boat a couple of twin daggers and a stick with a nail in it some sort of club thingy! Okay I have noticed my blogs are shorter I do intend to write a more meaningful one later but know I really need to get ready for work!

Bia' Aletheia

word count = 439

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