Monday, June 8, 2009

Tips for Daily Practice & Ritual III

Okay I think I pretty much covered a lot for Greek Pantheons and barely scratched the surface on Celtic or Shamanic traditions. But when you think about these tips and ideas can be adopted by most any spiritual tradition. I think I will revisit the Ancient Greek Calendar again each month as it comes because it is informative and it helps me to remember the Holy Days I would like to privately observe.

One of the things I have done in the past to try and communicate with a higher being and be more spiritual was to is use and meditate over a Medicine Wheel (Native American Indian or Shamanic Tradition). This involves the use of several stones that you collect and feel good vibrations from. It is an ancient way to create sacred space. Each direction uses stones to represent animals to connect with and manifest Earth energies. For example one could place a stone that represents the Owl and manifest change. Now the interesting part is your Medicine Wheel can be as small as your hand or large as your backyard. I myself have a small mini Medicine Wheel that I can travel with (LOL! like my travel Athame ~ sorry private joke that a few people may get that I may share with you all one day).

But without spending all day Medicine Wheels Here are two links to follow should you want to develop your won. These links will give you more detail on the practice and use of Medicine Wheels.

My personal Medicine Wheel is made up of 9 stones most use up to 36 stones. It really depends on what you like to incorporate in your Medicine Wheel. You should know that each direction of the Medicine Wheel is not all that dissimilar to a 'cast circle'. Each direction represents elements and certain energies even though they may not align with some of the elements we following specific directions in does represent elements none-the-less. For example North is Air in this tradition and represents the gateway to the mind, East is Fire and is the gateway to spirit. South is Water and represent the gateway to emotion. West is Earth and represents the gateway to the body. There are lot more representations as well in each direction but I will let you read up on them if you so choose.

There are many other things you can do under Native American Indian Traditions. You could do some of the following:

1.Meditate over animal spirits, to include communication to Animal Totems, do Animal shadow Dances, mimic animal movements and shape shift. This is neat because certain animals a sacred to specific Gods and Goddesses.

2.Take a nature walk to communicate with plant life, vegetation the trees, Native American Indians believe the creator exists in all living things and that all things give off energy. Celtic tradition also believes this. Speak and communicate with Nature Spirits. Animal gaze or watch.

3.Learn about healing with plants

4.Collect and talk to stones.

5.Communicate and listen to the Four Winds

6.Attend a Native American Indian Pow Wow and/or listen to Flute Music with Drumming and Chanting and meditate.

Okay I covered some practices that fall under a Shamanism or Native Indian Traditions and I know there is a whole lot more out there but these I have mentioned above are some of the things I try to incorporate in my spiritual observances. No I don't do each day but I do these things from time to time and especially when I need an energy boost. Dancing an animal is really good when you need to bring to you specific energies and characteristics. It is very good sympathetic magick!

Bia' Aletheia

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  1. I love this whole string of blogs, great information... great way for me to get off my butt and try some of them... Thanks