Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wendy Rule ... Rules!

Yesterday some friends of mine and I went to a little place in Palm Harbor called the Witches Brew. A little unique spot right next to Oak Trail Books, which offer 'Metaphysical Books' and supplies. The book store has a really good supply of stones and crystals offered in both the rough and tumbled states. The bookstore is under the same ownership as the little cafe called the Witches Brew. This cafe not only has a unique menu with items like the 'Purple Witch' (Blueberry smoothy with Soymilk), a Green Goddess Salad, and Wraps and Sand Witches! They also offer some specialty Spirits of beer and wine like Wytchcraft Ale (this bottle is the equivalent of two beers in one and has witches embossed in the bottle), Hobgoblin Ale, Bloody Witch (a wine based Bloody Mary), and other neat wines like of yeah and very yummy Chocolate Raspberry Wine! Thats right folks they have a “CH' food category of Spirits just for me! The cafe also has all the modern conveniences as well as free INTERNET capability like Wi-Fi and have coffee too! The atmosphere is really cool too they have all kinds of withcy decorations and and the color is vibrant and the yellow brick road painted on the floor, a wall dedicated to the best witches on the movie and TV screen. The best part of this little cafe is they host events there and offer an array of entertainment. Besides their open Mic night and annual Witchstock they have concerts in the side yard and patio where you can chill and enjoy the tropical landscape and listen to the entertainment being offered to you!

Yesterday it was all about Wendy Rule and the reason for the tip but we had an extra surprise there as well. Hecate's Wheel was there opening for Wendy Rule a local pagan group and let me tell you they are good! The way they harmonized not only gave me goose bumps but they made me cry! I wish I have heard of them sooner! I believe in supporting local artists and entertainers. The singers of the group are Vicki, Amy and Luann and all have beautiful unique voices and together they sound that much more awesome! These Goddesses were super friendly and a joy to meet! Hecate's Wheel has gotten themselves a new fan! I am equally glad we went because I do intend to visit the Witches Brew again because this place was fun and a neat little gem! As for Wendy Rule let me say I think she RULES! I was fortunate to see her play at Samhain 2008 at FPG ands her haunting voice is mesmerizing. My friend SpiralLeaf got to see her for the first time and this was one of the biggest joys for me last night because she missed out on FPG. She misses out on a lot of stuff and she really deserves so much more. I was happy she got to come and even more happy that Wendy Rule seemed to be singing directly to her because she chose to sing most of SpiralLeaf's favorite songs. It was as if Wendy psychically knew what my friend needed to hear those songs (hey would one witch really know what another witch needs … I think the proof was in the pudding)! Wendy sang Shine, Deity, and Night Sea Journey. We were very fortunate to hear Shine because its a song Wendy admitted herself she doesn't play all that much in her concerts! Wendy sang her Horse song one of my favorites as well as her Hail to the Moon! We got to hear one of her new songs Radiant dedicated to her son Reuben, this brought a tear to my eye because you could feel the love she has for her son and it was a joy to hear and see this up close and personal! I was glad to also share this experience with some of my best Witches and buds and other folks whom I come to adore in our local communities. The concert was good witchy fun!

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