Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pagans Who Give Pagans a Bad Name!

Maybe its just me, and just maybe I am being a little too judgmental, or way to critical here. I am not always like this because I try to strictly follow the tenant 'live and let live' but I would like just a moment to explain my disappointment with this one famous pagan who made a spectacle of herself while being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmell on his TV talk show. You see I like to follow up on 'Celebrity Pagans' who are out and about in the lime light and allow other folks to know little about their spiritual practices and beliefs (maybe because I wish I could be a little more open with my own spirituality). But these folks have a responsibility to to put information out there that don't offend some folks or at the very least make sure you do not provide more misinformation about certain practices. After all, us Pagans already have a tough time as it is trying to convince folks we are not CRACKPOTS, WEIRDOS, and/or just plain CRAZY! Well regrettably that is exactly what Heather Graham has done about the practice of Witchcraft, and needless to say if you take a moment to watch the attached excerpt of the TV clip you will see for yourself what exactly I am talking about. First of all I think one can tell she is very new at the Craft and even though there is nothing wrong with being new because we all have to start from some where, there is something wrong when you tell the TV host this about your spell casting and the use of the elements involved, EARTH, WIND, AIR and FIRE! Okay what happened to WATER? Okay her laugh really annoys me too. Ms. Graham tells Mr. Kimmell her group is called the Goddesses and there are six of them and one guy. Mr. Kimmell performs a spell on TV and gets a pizza to fall from the sky, well in this case the studio skylights! I guess after seeing this clip I felt like “what the Hades was she thinking”? She had this perfect opportunity to really educate some folks about the practice of Witchcraft and let folks know we are not 'stupid', crazy or certifiable! There are some folks who may fall into this category no matter what religion they practice but this interview left me worried about how some Pagans out there can really give other Pagans a bad name! I am fearful that other then this young lady being 'eye-candy' she sent a message out to the audience that Witchcraft is for the 'WACKY and the WEIRD” and it has nothing to really do with spirituality all together. She missed the boat and added to the misconceptions we already suffer as pagans. Watch the clip and tell me what you all think?

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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  1. Oh my Goddess,
    I can't beleive this. It is stuff like this that makes real witchcraft look bad. I am ashamed of her.

    I pray that the Mother Goddess will guide her on her path and that she learns to promote us in a true light with comon sence.

  2. I sent her a very polite email telling her that I like the fact that she is willing to share that she is Wiccan but I wish she would have been a little more serious but you have a point,
    she is new to the craft and she was over zealous and excited. I do not think that she saw anything wrong with what she said, I think she felt that she was putting the word out there.