Friday, June 12, 2009


Todays blog is going to be about anything and everything … randomness! I am terribly busy getting ready for a Wendy Rule concert tonight! By the way LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! She is awesome and her voice very haunting and well if you have not heard her sing you need to! She is a Pagan singer from 'down under'! Well as luck would have it or lack there of, my rear drivers' side tire needed plugging today. I have been putting air in it every two weeks because I could not find the leak, I put air in it three days ago and it needed air today. Since I am responsible of transporting myself and three friends to the concert I did not want to have unsafe driving conditions. Tire got plugged and good Ole Wally World, aka Wal-Mart for $ 24.59. Took almost an hour to do this! Then is was off to the Car Wash to wash and vacuum my dirty car. That cost five bucks and the vacuum free. I like free …. who does not like free! Man who knew how messy a car can get with dirt, hair, and other debris. But the job is done and my friends will be whisked away to see Wendy Rule in a clean mode of transportation. Thomas began his 'Morte De Fame' speech so I had to buy him a couple of Crispy Chicken sandwiches at Wendy's. Hey going to see Wendy … we ate at Wendy's how interesting is that! By the way the Morte De Fame is Italian for dying of hunger. Thomas and I are not dying of hunger thats for sure! But we got sandwiches anyway. Food cost ten bucks, so now I am out 40 bucks which dips into my Wendy Concert fund but hey I have to get there right? Tomorrow I will blog about the concert and post a picture if I can for the folks who could not make it! Okay Thomas is being too loud and laughing as he watches the Deadliest Warrior and my sandwiches are getting cold! I got to shower and make some phone calls to the friends for pick up times. We will be hitting a Pagan book store near the Witches Brew. I am so very excited! I hope those of you who at the Midsummers event are enjoying yourselves. I have to take Thomas to his medical appointment tomorrow on a Saturday go figure! Okay I now have 412 words plus and this blog was as random as it could get! Write for you all tomorrow!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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