Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mob Wars … I am Addicted!

Okay … I am not the type of person who has addictive behaviors, well except for errr well lets say food, and not the good kind either. Yes I am a big time junk food eater and I eat anything with the “ch” sound in it, like cheese burger, macaroni and cheese, cheese cake, cheese puff, fried chicken, chips, cherries, Chinese food and the big one CHOCALTE! But this Mob Wars on face book has me in a tiff … I have one kill, have been killed 8 times, won 70 or so fights but lost 54 and now I am selling off my property to pay the doctor to improve my health so I can fight to get more money. I am literally clock watching and waiting for the clock to roll over 4 minutes to get that one stamina point. I am currently on level 3 put have 0 point and 100 experience points to make it to the next level. I am literally waiting and praying to the Gods for letting me get a hit on the hitlist! Who knew this would be that addictive? Well you would think my fingers would get a rest after trying to type and/or texting my last blog on my friends blackberry but this is insane! Well thanks to the energy of liqiud crack aka COFFEE … I have been up all night trying to get that big win from fighting with other mobsters! Interesting enough I was never a gamer myself accept for role playing and a little CoC with former friend. I would go to bed but now its 7:55 am and I say whats the point I will have to take the boyfriend to do a small job this morning and he will be waking up in the next 40 minutes or so and if I sleep now I will never wake up. Darn it if I had to wake up at 2:11 pm yesterday and drink all that ice coffee … errr liqiud crack! So are any of you a big fan of Mob Wars? Have you tried to play or join a buddy's mob? Well I recommend you don't and for an insomniac like me with too much c affine this is a most deadly combination! So I thought I do my blog now in the wee bit of the morning because I am sure after I take my guy to do his job he will want Chinese food as he has been hinting and well its “ch” sounding so I wont put up much of a fuss and will break down and go. With no sleep and coming down off of caffeine and give me some Chinese food after being in the warm climate I am sure I will crash and burn after lunch. I doubt I will play Mob Wars after that for the remainder of the day! Because I will be sleeping and Lady Bam Bam will have time to reserve more points without me feverishly depleting them!

Good Morning Everyone!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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  1. I actually do the My Space versions of Mobsters, Vampires, Bloodlines, Overdrive, and just started Yo ville.

  2. I also do the MySpace versions of them but with no body on/in my mob

  3. I am also addicted. I need help.