Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Fan ~ Disappointment!

Okay yes I am one of those crazy American Idol Fans … and yes I have voted for my favorite contestants on the phone a few times (well, errr oooh actually maybe on some occasions like up to fifty or so times, … but it was for those who I really, really, really like)! Because I work evening shifts I have to record it and watch it later on before I go to bed. An action that agonizes the boyfriend but he is most patient with me! We are up to season eight and although I feel this season has seen some of the most talented artists and signers to date, there were a lot of disappointments in not only the presentation, but the episodes in general feel robotic and lack the heart, personality and genuineness. I am a little upset with judges and the host this year too, it feels like the passion for what they started many moons ago has died out and its more theatrical then it has to be. It feels really cheesy this year and lacks a lot of things I use to like about the previous seasons. In fact this year feels really off, and not only have the judges have already made up their minds that Adam Lambert will be the winner this year but they have been openly telling him of this fact in the last few episodes. This sort of pisses me off because even though the man is clearly talented and should be the winner, it's like open disrespect; and in front of a million or so viewers to the other two finalists Kris Allen (which really cute by the way tin a cuddly kind of way, what a great smile on that guy) and Danny Gokey (who has so much heart and class). I was so proud when Adam Lambert spoke up this evening and said to Ryan and the Judges that both Kris and Danny are equally talented artists in his eyes! That was in itself a class act! This year's American Idol had a lot of issues, for one they waited for the bottom three to pick two songs to sing in a single episode, each previous year it was the last five. It was definitely a lot less singing and more hype! I think it was a 'time management issue' since they added the fourth judge Kara DioGuardi. One episode even forced the judges to give feedback in two's to save time because an episode the day before one of Adam Lambert's song was cut off completely and millions of folks like me who do the TIVO things missed it completely. Thank the Gods and Goddesses for You Tube, that's all I have to say! This year they did not even show the home town tours and celebrations in full for the three finalists, that was a great disappointment. Why they did this I would really like to know. It took away from the contestants accomplishments! They also didn't host their annual 'America Gives Back' Episode where they have famous singers and actors come in and do a concert and collect monies for those abroad and in need right here in the United States. I know the economy is bad but when you do good things and make folks feel good about contributing they tend to find unique ways to help! I think this year the INTERNET proceeds still helped out with the America Gives Back campaign, but the show was something I use to really enjoy. I feel American Idol has lost its Zest and Zeal! Don't get me wrong I love Simon still and think he just bad A@@, period! Ryan however, this year was a little more annoying then his usual self, but I am thankful there were a lot less female contestants this season so I didn't have to watch him paw and grope them up on stage during judge feedback! I think next year if they do it again I will just watch the tryouts which are very entertaining. I am questioning my continued fan to the show itself but I know I will still remain a fan to the contestants who continue to step out there on the stage and give it their all! So rock on to you!

Blessed Be ~ Bia' Aletheia

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