Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Empathic Abilities & Other Unique Gifts!

What is an empath? Do you have any of these abilities? Or any Other Cool Gifts?
Okay, most text book reference say that an empath is someone who picks up on the emotions and / or feelings around them. It may be the feelings of someone they are close to or a complete stranger. It might be the general feelings in a room or even when there is a very strong emotion around the world, such as fear. I am thinking of “Obi~Wan~Kenobi” here or Master Jedi when they say they can feel a disturbance in the force, or don't give into fear, fear leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side.
And most folks would agree that empathic individuals tend to have one or more of these abilities as well:
1) Heightened (stronger) emotions.
2) Comprehensive understanding over a broad scope of (if not all) emotions.
3) Capacity for want/need of self-sacrifice - giving, basically, (these folks find themselves usually in a helping/healing profession).
4) Possess Excellent communicator abilities.
5) Analyzes dreams, dream recall, have prophetic dreams, all about the dreams (EHHHEMMM ME ME ME I like da dreams!)
6) Possess Precognitive Abilities (typically defined as knowing or perceiving events before they actually occur).
7) Emotion reception, detects emotions in others very well (may even mirror emotions)

I have also read somewhere that Empaths can harness a bunch of other unique skills like remote viewing, which is not precognitive in nature but tends to involve real time events as they occur. I can share one occasion using this skill of remote viewing myself. Like most people I can sometimes misplace items like keys, money, medications and/or other small items that some jokingly say the fairies are at work doing mischievous things! But what happens as well someone else in the house has unknowingly moved your stuff and don't remember they moved it either. Once when I was sick and taking a vat of OTC cold medicines I had realized I misplaced some cold tablets and began to frantically look for them. Usually if I close my eyes and ask where did I leave those things … I will see a shroud of darkness telling me that the object I need is hidden somewhere dark, like the bottom of my purse or under a couch cushion, this one time I say a tinge of silver and red refracted light. I chuckled and remembered munching on Cheese Doodles they evening before and trashed dived and sure enough 'viola' my meds were discarded in the empty snack bag. Go Figure!

Well to touch on the Empath gift sometimes its a burden too, grounding is important for folks like me cause we sometimes can't stop the onslaught of all the emotions we pick up from others if we are not preprepared for them. Once, while at work a co-worker was having a bad anxiety attack and was doing everything he could to conceal it and thought he was doing a pretty good job with it until I told him to please take his pill. He looked at me and said 'what are you talking about', I looked at him and said 'your anxiety pill take it now, or you need to go home because I can't leave, my works not done”! He took a deep breath and said how did you know … I smiled and said because I feel it too! He was somewhat amazed and weired out, and then asked how did I know he had his pills with him. I didn't answer him because I felt if I told him he would think I was crazy, but while he had the anxiety attack I KEPT SEEING A picture of his shirt pocket pop in my head (remote viewing). He later told me he was actually thinking about taking his meds but wanted to wait until he got home cause they make him drowsy. He said I had an uncanny way about knowing what folks were thinking or feeling. Little does he know! I was not in my prime or I would have been more prepared to protect myself from those intense feelings. Experiencing the emotions of others can be overwhelming not to mention mentally tasking. There have been some occasions where knowing the feelings of others helped me to react properly to situations. These times were a blessing instead of a burden! Okay I have 737 words thus far, and I will subtract about 200 for definitions and the list which can be found almost anywhere on the Internet regrading Empaths. The other 500 + words are my own experiences and should keep me safely in the competition. I am going to stop here for now, but I promise I will revisit this topic tomorrow cause I am just scratching the surface on this topic which is dear to me because it reveals some neat little facts about me that some of you may not know!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

(word count 832 – 200 = 632 now lol … still too much)

PS. ~ Would love to hear about your special gifts or talents ~ A CHALLENGE)

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