Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fond of Reading ... if so What?

In case you all have not figured it out buy now, but you soon will, I am somewhat of an 'avid reader'. I use to hate reading back in junior high and high school. When I went to college in my adult years after my failed marriage I began to find solace in books and more specifically in my English Literature classes. I fell in love with poetry, short stories, the classics and the list goes on. I began to write a little too and found this was a good outlet for me to express myself. However, I have learned that you need a balance of books and reading material in your life, it can't be all about the classics, the history or the philosophy, sometimes you need to mix it up with fiction and current writers as well. Since my pagan birth or rebirth and more recently even though many of the books I currently read include a pagan theme or of the occult, mysticisms, and spiritual persuasion or have historical significance and/or are mythology based, I tend to throw a couple of just because books in there as well. I like to mix it up! I love horror and suspense novels. It was cool to find the works of M. R. Sellars this past year. He is a pagan author who writes murder mystery and to see his main character help solve these mysteries as a Pagan Consultant. I like the works of Diane Gabaldon, her earlier fiction involves time travel though portals and talks about Scottish and Britain mysticism like:Stonehenge, the Lockness Monster, the first printing press and other things that tend to be hinted as … first spotted by her characters. Some other things are referenced with good research such as witchcraft and of course she is all about the love story and romance! Back in the day I was quite the Stephen King fan and Ann Rice fan, before she converted Love the the Vampire Chronicles and The Witching Hour. I read most of the Harry Potters too! I think I would like to get involved in the Twilight series and wish to read stuff by Tanya Huff the Blood Ties Series as well as Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. But among these books I fit in stuff like Arcana Mundi, Greek Folk Religion, and many other interesting Tomes that lend me advice about Ancient Greek practices. I tend to also read different authors on the basics of different type of Earth Based Religions such as Wicca, Celtic, and Shamanism. I would like to read more on the Asatru/Vikings, Voodoo/Hoodoo/African traditions … I think that would be pretty neat to learn about too. Not to mention Eastern practices as well. There is so much I want to read and learn about and I guess you can say that my curiosity has been sparked in my adult years. But that's okay! To get to the point of this blog I would like to ask my competitors and anyone else out there if they are fond of reading? What kind of books do you like to read and if so what kind of books tend to fill up your bookshelves at home?

Many Blessings ~ Bia' Aletheia

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  1. Mainly I am drawn to fantasy and sometimes if a person suggests a book I will read it. I do enjoy historically correct sometimes but mainly fantasy. I have read Lackey, Robert Jordan, J.K. Rowling (I love Harry Potter) I have read the Eregon series, can't think of that young authors name. I have read so many I cannot remember them all but all of the books I have read I loved.