Monday, May 18, 2009

You Can't Make Everybody Happy ...

“ I cannot give you the formula for success but I can give you the formula for failure which is: Try to please everybody (Robert Bayard Swope)!”

Yes again, a deeper look into some of these famous quotes that tend to have some semblance of truth to them. Or at least strike a chord as I have mentioned in a previous blog. Some of you may know this and many of you may not know this, but I am supervisor and oversee about 16 staff at my job at any one given time. Not all together mind you, because they do have varying days off. I may have 8 to 10 folks at a time and if I am really lucky twelve. Now I do experience call-ins or call-offs for whatever reasons and find at times I am also under staffed too, this just makes my job a little harder in juggling tasks and overseeing that things get done that are required to be done! For the most part we do okay. Anyhow, I feel that this quote is a constant reminder that in reality you are not going to make everyone happy or please them. There are some folks who just prefer not to be happy and/or there is just no pleasing them at all, and they love to be miserable, they look at things to hate and be miserable about! They fall in another category all together. I have to take a deep breathe and understand that I have been put in a position that to make some decisions that may not be liked by all, but I have to take the best interests in mind for the majority, not just a select few. The process has to be fair and consistent. I have to trust in the process and let things work itself out. Mind you, I dislike making decisions that make some people unhappy or unpleased (being a people persons this messes with your own psyche)… but at the same time I sort of expect some folks to just understand it’s the ‘nature of thing’ and can not be helped, you will not like everything you see or experience. It’s life! Deal with it! So don’t be selfish and try to understand and make the best of the situation, it is easier to go with the flow then to paddle against the current … however you have some folks who fall into that category that just ‘don’t give a damn’ and if its ‘not about them’ and ‘their own needs and wants’ well forget it, you are a jerk no matter what you do for not catering to them and them alone. To those folks … I say I can’t apologize when I am looking out for the best interest of the majority, especially when I am all about a fair and consistent process, and if you don’t like it its not my fault or problem, its yours! I have learned recently by getting struck by the karmic/cosmic two-by-four that you will make your self sick if you try to please everybody … its not possible nor should this be expected of you. I recently had a Goddess remind me that it is indeed important to set boundaries for yourself and it’s okay to say no ... because if your allow yourself to be limitless some folks who fall into the category of “I love to be miserable” and “it should be all about me” can and will step on you … and they certainly don’t care if your pleased do they?

Bia' Aletheia

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