Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In appreciation for past and current contestants of Warp Bloggers….

I am sorry to see Zoe take her leave from the WARP contest and even though I know she had too leave for many good reasons I wanted to say thanks to you and to all the other bloggers out there. You are all worthy opponents and your insights have provided me with not only a good resource of ideas to blog from but it was cool to see the little glimpses in your individual lives. Zoe you blog on Spiritual Growth was really good and it made me look at my own relationship with the Gods and to see if I am currently just going through the motions or am I having a solid honest to good relationship with my deities. I have learned through your words that I need to step it up and be more consistent with what I do. Amanda's blogs are fun and I get to hear about her family and how her children are learning and growing and how proud she is of them and how proud she is of her community. Gaelyn bowed out early but I listen to his pod casts and they are fun and entertaining. The recent guests he and Thor had with Medea, Mystral and Denny I believe was cool too. Not enough folks practice good manners and etiquette any more its a lost art and you folks reminded me of the importance of leading by example so we don't loose these things anymore. Spence's blogs are cool and full of good imaginative stories of dragons … I love dragons by the way. I like the wild cards too if I have not told you that yet! They are funny and I hope you find a good women soon too! Kf2mh had some good blogs too and I was sorry he got sick and I learned how he loves to work with ham radios is it. What a neat hobby! Let me tell you I think me and Stray Hairs a kin because she can write lengthy blogs and I love her outlook on life and how she always teaches the value of staying positive. I was sorry the Wage Mage did not get to compete too but I still read her blogs you too offer a lot of good insight. And perhaps Mike Mayhem can join the next Warp if you all host one again! Which I hope we do because this has not only been fun, it has also been challenging and rewarding. In case you haven't all guessed I enjoy the writing too so it helps me to think about stuff more deeply. So having said all this and hoping to post this in the nick of time some 50 minutes before the deadline I want to say I appreciate and have read all the blogs and you all rock so blog on!

Bia' Aletheia

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  1. That was a very thoughtful post. I do Hope that I can be apart of the WARP comp next time around.