Saturday, May 23, 2009

So How About All That Rain?

Ah … ha … bet you all were thinking I am going to concede … well it almost came close. I almost missed the cut off time less then a few short hours. First of all I almost forgot about the WARP contest. I remembered I did not post anything after midnight last night because I got a case of bloggers block big time. I forgot to check my e-mail today or I would have remembered to write something earlier. I had a lot going on today and had to not only fight traffic but had to make may way through all this rain. It was crazy out there too … folks stocking up for memorial weekend but the rain might dampen all those BBQ's they have planned! I have lived here for almost 14 years and cant remember it raining 5 days straight. I am not talking about late summer afternoons sprinkles or 25 minute down pours, I am talking about rain all day long. Not that I am complaining because we certainly need this water after such a long dry spell. With hurricane season right around the corner it feels like we started early this year. So maybe now some of those fire bans can get lifted and folks can start to enjoy themselves outdoors. Right now its been mostly damp, wet and well the rain did bring many frogs out. I don't mind because frogs are cool and they make such pleasant music after a rainstorm when there are many. I like the sounds of the night life after a good rain here in Florida. Its one of the things I do enjoy about Florida. The rain makes this state feel more tropical too! OMG & G I only have 287 words thus far. For some reason writing this blog tonight is somewhat excruciating. Don't get me wrong I am not ready to concede because I enjoy the challenge and blogging is fun but when you can't think of what to write its like pulling teeth! Okay now I have 339 words … its looking a little better … right? So how about all that rain? How has it been effecting your commutes to work? What about the events you have planned for the weekend? Did the weather force you to change things up? Do you appreciate the rain? I know I do because its not only needed but it forces folks to rest. Perhaps that is why I felt a little lazy about writing this blog today. It feels like a lazy Sunday afternoon and makes you feel like hardly doing anything at all but curl up with a good book. I think that is exactly what I am going to do … and maybe get some inspiration for my next blog. Okay thats more like it, I now have 465 words so I will catch you all later!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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  1. Wow, you have accomplished 2 things in your blog today. Blogging...and giving me something to blog about lol.