Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Empath Abilities ... Part II

Do you remember me saying that sometimes an Empath will mirror the feelings of someone they may or may not know! Well, I had to go one up on this last night. One of the other supervisors ended up at the doctors office yesterday with a badly swollen face and diagnosed with some sort of sinus infection and will be out of work for a few days. Well yesterday morning I woke up with a swollen cheek, just below the right ear drum … I had and ER trip last night myself because I was in great discomfort … and it turns out I too got an infection in the inner ear, messing with a sinus cavity. What I have noticed … and think really sucks is that often I feel what others feel physically. This is the not so good part about being an Empath. Mind you a do realize this incident good be viral since the onset of flu like symptoms (including swine flu), but this is so darn coincidental it has me really wondering what is going on here?

I think I may have told a few of you this story before. But I will share again, to illustrate my point about feeling physically what others feel. Many moons ago when I was about 14 years of age I babysat for my aunt and her hubby while the attended and all niter bash. I woke up to the sensation of having a bloody nose, and sure enough upon inspection in the bathroom mirror I had gotten a really bad bloody nose … and the scary part is it would not stop … I bled for hours and had no change of clothes. I tried to call my folks I was scared. When my aunt and her hubby returned somewhere between 7 – 8 am, they saw my shirt covered in blood. They asked what happened and I told them that I got a really bad bloody nose around 3 am in the morning and it didn't want to stop, I felt panic and fear! My aunt drove me home and when my mother saw me she asked what the heck happened to me and I explained to her that I got a bloody nose. I was never one for bloody noses as a child, my sister had high blood pressure and the one who got the bad ones. My mother was in shock and I asked what was wrong and she told me my 13 year old sister was taken to the ER last night because she got one of her bloody noses around 3 am in the morning and that it would not stop. Dad had driven her there and they were still there. This explains why the folks did not answer my phone calls, my mother was wondering why this happened to both of us … I was wondering why too and the fact that I don't normally get bloody noses and the fact it started at the same time as my sister. Mom told me my sister was cared and full of panic it startled them so they took her to ER because it would not stop. Could my sister have actually projected her feelings on to me a few blocks away to include have me experience a bloody nose? I don't know … but again, this felt too coincidental!

Well I am going to cut off here because its lightning and thunder out and I need to save the computer … but I do believe there will be a chapter three/part three to this blog because I don't feel quite finished with this subject! Plus the pain meds, antibiotics are kicking in and a feel a nap coming on!

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  1. I will have to take the next time we see each other as an oportunity to share these types of stories. The worst was when I ended up being the only one left with pneumonia after a crazy night.