Thursday, May 28, 2009

Proud as a Peacock …

Okay today I watched a video clip on my brother-in-laws Facebook Page, married to the sister whom I have had a falling out with. I still love my sister and even though I am very angry and disappointed in her actions towards me (yes unresolved issues) I am happy that she just recently gave birth to twin boys this past January. She didn't think she could have any and the Gods had graced her. They are preemies and one boy is going to have a lot of medical issues. They are concerned for Cerebral Palsy and a list of other medical concerns due to a hospital error while in incubation. I haven't been able to get myself to sit in the same room as my sister, let alone talk to her on the phone but my family keeps me apprised of any updates I should know. She and her husband has been having somewhat of a struggle, and I do truly feel bad for them and wish my nephews the best and hope the Healing Gods and Goddess help AJ the boy afflicted with many ailments with some much needed healing energy for recovery.

Well what I found really funny is dad got two Peacocks who took root on their property and he is afraid of them, they are chasing the squirrels and come after him if he steps out the door. My sister and her hubby are Catholic so they don't see the humor I do in having these beautiful creatures grace their home. I made some 'Guardian Angel' Candles for my sisters' boys and out of respect for her religious beliefs and sent them through mom after the boys were born and I prayed to my Spiritual Deities that they guard and protect her sons. For those of you who don't know … I follow a Greek Pagan path and I have prayed to both Hekate and Hera to keep the boys safe and help AJ through his therapies and surgeries. I believe Hera has answered my prayers and sent two of her favored birds as a sign of Her presence. I must make an offering to her too! It would be just like my brother-in-law and sister not to see the bigger picture of their special gifts which have literally made a home on their roof and in their yard!

Throughout history not only has the peacock been seen as decorative “exotic” pet as well as a meat bird. The Phoenicians who brought the Peacocks to Egypt more than 3000 years ago, did so to decorate the temples, where they were considered good luck. These birds were sacred to many Gods & Goddesses in the Greek tradition like Hera for one; who it is said gave the peacock's plumage many eyes! For thousands of years the Peacock has been a symbol of pride and the presence of ego, and this was reflected in the motivation for ancient people’s reverence of this beautiful and almost mystical bird. Where do you think the phrase “Proud as a Peacock” originated from? I know my sister's hubby must be a proud dad and my sister a proud mom too. I think its interesting how that they had twins and now have two peacocks on their property scaring the heck out of dad, I found this too humors. But to continue the image of the peacock is a cross-cultural symbol, and appears as a symbol of paradise, rebirth, the incorruptibility of the soul and a symbol of immortality. The bird is also a symbol for the story of the heavens and hence, resurrection and everlasting life. I think their presence at my sisters home is that much more significant because what I have yet to tell you is that my sister almost lost AJ and it was touch and go for a while but he held on. So on so many levels their presence filled me with joy even if I can only see this from afar and in this case on a Facebook video clip! In the East the peacock represents a symbol of rebirth in the mythology of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. The peacock also became a symbol in Christian art and an icon. During the first ten centuries of Christianity, the peacock was a popular symbol for Christ. This should make my Catholic family members pleased to know! It was also known as the symbol of the resurrection, and in many medieval paintings, angels' wings are composed of peacocks' plumes.

So in actuality, what I may see and my sister and her hubby don't, is that Frank & Anthony (aka ~ AJ) have … are totem animal spirits (and in this case the real thing) watching over them as well as their Guardian Angels, and I hope that they don't scare these beautiful creatures off just yet! This is indeed a good omen and very special!

By the way peacocks are also a sign of laughter and they remind us that its okay to laugh too! I know them scaring my brother-in-law is a hoot!

Blessed Be ~ Bia' Aletheia

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  1. Wow, so much information thank you for sharing this wonderful news. I do hope the best for AJ.