Friday, May 29, 2009

Facebook ... it Connects You!

Well I want to say a few things about Facebook … at first I did not think I was going to like it, but I am liking it more and more! In fact I was thinking oh no not an other social network I can't remember my darn pass word too but as it turns it its been pretty cool and surprisingly neat! As it it turns out, you get to speak with folks all grown up now who you have hung out with as a teen, but are actually out there looking for you and wanting to know what you have been doing with your life. Its cool to take a glimpse into their lives, see their likes, dislikes, their hobbies they are into, and the children they have of their own. Its even cooler to see the friends they keep and you may find someone there you too have known and may wish to connect with! Whats really cool is that now, my 86 year old grandmother has her own Facebook profile and account! She is an internet fool! Her picture is a black and white, when she was about 22 and how wonderful is it to see her back then. Its like history before your eyes. I like the flair and the poking and the wall of comments, its neat you get share home videos which I like cause get to watch the nephews eat and cry! I don't like that my sister baby talks to them but hell their her kids! So live and let live. I like those on line games or quizzes to see what actor/actress you would like to be and you can send red neck gifts, and drinks and well you can do all kinds of neat stuff. I don't have aim so I really like the chat function I can talk to my friends on line again and thats cool too! So I guess you can say the Facebook is growing on me I am guarded about using my last name though because of my Pagan flair and would hate a co-worker to figure out who I am and show the boss, unfortunately their are some folks out there who still discriminate (boss is a devout Bible Thumper) but the odd thing is that even though I am like one foot in the broom closet I feel its okay to tell some folks of years gone by and kids I graduated from High School with that I am Pagan. I know Zoe has a Facebook how about the rest of you … what do you think about this social network?

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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  1. You know such a simple blog but I think people don't get this information. I reconnected with friends from school and I stayed in touch with Dustie when she was in Korea. That was important to me and yes I talked to her on yahoo but I could see photos of her easily on facebook. I like it...