Monday, May 25, 2009

Interpreting My Dream Symbols ~ About The Water

Taking into consideration Amanda at some of your suggestions from that dream I had about water and its various states, I do believe you hit the mark on a few things. I like what you said about the last portion with me observing the Ghost Hunter Guys on the four wheelers and I was observing instead of playing along or taking the adventure with them. It seems like lately in my waken state its all about the work and never about having some fun myself and I think it reality I do resent that at times. I need to find a happy balance in my life of work, play and rest. Something I don’t do nearly enough.
In the first part of dream the foundation was definitely threatened I agree on that too and since the home was flooding sort of speak with an abundance of too much water I too think it represents a flood of my emotions and is also indicates a sense of being overwhelmed with too many responsibilities. I remember the feeling of dread and the thought of having to move again. I move around a lot in my wakened world and fear that if our financial conditions don’t improve we may indeed need to move yet again. I think the portion of that dreams where the pipes are bursting and the floors being ruined do signify my fear on an unsteady foundation.
The portion of helping a co-worker that I do not trust seemed to tell me it’s not in my nature o hold grudges even though I felt a need to be cautious I did make a good faith effort to help her because I want to believe in the inherent good of folks. The crying by her meant some sort of release. Perhaps she wants to let things go but I am still leery wit this one. I feel bells and whistles around her in my wakened state all the time. I will need to meditate on this one.
The third part of the dream where I traded water bottles with Dan to me also let me know that you guys and gals form our neighboring pagan communities are indeed good folks and your intentions are indeed pure. I think trading the generic for the name brand was significant because it says you are not above reproach and that you are very welcoming to everyone no matter what they can or can not offer. Community is the one thing you do pride yourself as being and you all harbor the same noble goal. I worry a lot about the openness you all have and the need for me to keep one foot set in the closet and feel Dan’s message to me not to worry is reassurance that its okay too and you are all accepting of that!
The last portion of the dream with the element of water in several forms is indeed very significant. From what I know about dreaming of elements and season it is heavily associated to the natural rhythms of life and thus serve as powerful symbol for the dreamer (me in this case) and could indicate significant life changes. Which is what I feel a calling and a need for in my wake life. The water is a definite symbol for imagination where as the earth I was sitting on means fertility and steadfastness. Now in my dream both symbols were frozen and still and in a state of being locked then a great and quick thaw came. To me this could mean something is going to happen rather quickly too.   The water symbol itself again means creativity and the exploration of the imagination. Now I got sacred when the guys were immersed in the water and this meant a fear of drowning can mean feelings submerged in emotions. But soon I realized these guys were coming right back up so the condition could signify the feeling will only be momentarily but because they were having fun after it could mean that the experience will have to be experienced in order to move on to the next stage. The fact the snow and ice did melt suggests fears and obstacles are dissolving and the scene was significant of transformations things in a frozen state to a more fluid one. This is a good omen. It tells me there will be some progress and I may get to enjoy life once again. And that I need to take the time to play and be more active and not just merely sit by. Time to get creative I guess is the underlying message. Sounds good to me!   
BB ~ Bia’ Aletheia
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