Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Dream About Water ... Go Fingure!

I don't know if it has anything to do with all this water or the fact that my last blog was about all the rain we have been having. But last night I had this really bizarre dream. I will go ahead and record it in this blog and then do research on its possible meaning. Perhaps I can share with you all on the next blog my interpretation. Feel free to comment yourselves on what you think it may mean as well. It was very interesting to say the least. One portion of the dream is a recurring dream I have and I did not realize I do experience recurring dreams but I did recognize it for what it was. Anyhow the dram had to do with the many forms or conditions water can be found in. Some parts of the dream were just weird, some unnerving and others a little emotional as the element of water often represents. The first part of the dream is the recurring dream that I have had a few times in the recent past and the next sections are a bit disjointed and do not really tie in with each other, other then it deals with water.

Beginning (a recurring dream): I was living in this apartment not recognizable to me and running the washing machine and I was in a separate room from the laundry room. I could hear what sounded like water spraying every where and not going into the pipes or the machine as it should. I also remember feeling somewhat angry and thought 'oh no not again' and upon inspection sure enough the water was leaking everywhere making the floors wet and severely damaged. In fact the floors felt like it could way to the basement. I called the landlord who came to inspect the home and with the plumber both agreed that the floors were no longer safe and could give way at any time. I can remember them inspecting the walls and floors and looking at the pipes running through them and seeing all the pipes leaking and ruining the foundation around them. I signed and knew this means I would have to move again.

Next ( just off the wall and short): I jumped to where I work and remember being asked for a favor by a co-worker I completely don't trust in my waken state. She pulled me aside ans asked me for a favor she was crying and said I was her last hope. She had asked me to run off this guy who had made threats to her and was blackmailing her about something. I felt bad because she was crying and appeared to be genuine and I told her I will do my best to see what I could do. The guy came to work and I told him we all know what you want form her and its not going to happen and the guy just smiled at me and said “ Oh don't worry girl … I will get what I want”.

Middle (walking down a busy sidewalk on a hot sunny day): Folks were entering all kinds of stores on a busy street coming out with bottles of water in their hands. I remember too that I felt thirsty on my walk, so I too entered a store to get some water. I purchased a six pack of water and walked toward a parking lot where a bunch of folks from the Pasco Pagans and the Pheonix Counsil were gathered and were actually bartering different varieties of water. I walked up to Dan and Jamie and promptly traded one bottle of my generic stuff for a bottle of Zephyrhills. Dan smiled and told me that this was just fine!

Lastly (sitting a frozen embankment before a large body of water bigger then a pond): I remember sitting on the cold earth over looking the frozen lake before me. The surroundings reminded me of a place up North where I use to live. I was meditating on the quiet and stillness of the frozen element when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like chain saws and before my eyes were the crew of Ghost Hunters riding on four wheelers across the frozen tundra. It was Jason, Grant and Steve and they were having a blast. I got scared because the ice began to melt and the weather was getting warmer causing the ice to melt and break away. This did not phase the guys at all and they continued to have their fun. I remember seeing the guys sink with their four wheelers head first into the murky water and come right back up and continue to ride out and back into the water. They were still having fun. My worry turned into amazement and I laughed at how wet the guys were thought wow how brave they were to not let the changing climate change their spirits.
Quick Glance (a brief interpretation): Well in the last sentence of my dream I may already know one lesson to be learned from the dream and that is to not let anything change or dampen your spirit, even if it is water lol!

BB ~ Bia' Aletheia

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  1. I have a few interpretations here I am going to take it paragraph by paragraph. Or part by part.
    So I think that the first section the recurring dream is telling you to make sure that your foundation is sound.
    I think that the lady at work might be "in over her head" in some way. I know that you say you and her do not get along or that you do not trust her. I think that this is great for you because I see that she seems to be trouble. (Just my take)
    The third part is what amazed me the most. Our groups are very much like your description. They would make that trade because that is the way we are. These people are part of the good and strong foundation.
    I think that on the last part you are correct about being able to enjoy yourself even if is is raining but I wonder if it is also showing that you are more of an observer then an actor at this point in time?