Friday, May 15, 2009

Character and Personal Force

"Character and personal force are the only investments that are worth anything." - Walt Whitman

Sometimes I like to take a famous quote that strikes a cord within me and expound upon it; find a relationship with the ‘here and now’ and how it may relate to something I observed, personally witnessed or know someone who lives by a certain standard that I myself would like to emulate. This is perhaps why it strikes a chord within me. It is because these profound statements are not just something someone has made up, and out of thin air! These folks have had the pleasure and fortune to observe prime examples of people living by a certain creed and holding themselves to certain standards that are indeed noble and worth mention. I can give you the community a prime example of what I am talking about. Not too long ago when money was stolen out of the home from one of your leaders and even though many of you were very disappointed by this action because it meant someone who was trusted in your community let you all down. You all picked yourselves up by the bootstraps and continued on the reach your goal and the shared goals of the community. Your leader was ready to assume the full responsibility and many folks came to his aid and defense during this dark time. This to me spoke volumes about a person whom I have only recently met at FPG well over seven months ago and a few times at local community events there after. He is adored, respected and well thought about within the community. I have heard some of the adversities he had to overcome and some slanderous comments made regarding this person many moons ago that have created some issues for him in the past that he has equally overcame. I like to make my own judgments so no matter what is said about any of you, know this I shall take my time to get the know the person before I do make up my own mind. I believe things said should not influence everyone; one should see things for themselves and be given that opportunity without the ‘hearsay’ and innuendo. And for the most part I have observed you all be equally not speak ills of one another and this to me equally speaks volumes about the ethics you all hold in this community, one I am proud to be apart of, even if its quietly in the shadow and confines of my ‘broom closet’! But having said all this, I can say with honesty that the actions a few speak loud and the actions of many speak even louder. Do you remember the movie the Knight Tale with Heath Ledger when the Prince of England or Whales (not sure) came to dub him a knight when he was on display in the town square, locked up in some torture contraption like some criminal on display. The prince had said the character ‘William’. “Your people love you and if I did not know anything else about you that would be enough. I feel many of you feel that way about Gaelyn and if I did not know anything else about him your actions are enough for me to make up my mind that he is a man of character and a personal force with knowing!

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PS. Thanks for the words of encouragement Gaelyn, and am doing my best to be a worthy opponent! :)

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  1. You are so correct. Our community is great and they humble me when they come up and help.